No, I mean it. She is totally smokin’ in her new video for “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”, is she not?

I was literally like “DAYUM!” watching it. When I first heard this single, I was kinda “meh” about it. However, I like her “If I Were A Boy” a lot. “Single Ladies” is one of those songs where the video makes me like it. It’s simple, low budget, and wonderfully choreographed. And Bee’s body is ON POINT! Work it, Sasha!

Having said all that, it’s not a video I really want to see more than a couple of times. When I saw it on MTV2 today, during what I thought was a commercial break, I was like “Wait…what??” I thought it was a promo thing. I guess when you release two singles at once, you can afford to have one video be a cheap-o. Still, she looks great!

Oh, and peep her video for “If I Were A Boy”. The video is very well done and goes along with the song perfectly. I can see this song doing as well as “Irreplaceable”. It’s that good.