Maybe it’s just that I haven’t paid as close attention to the NBA playoffs in past years as I have this year, but I find it extremely odd that in each of the conference semifinals (Western and Eastern) the home team takes a 2-0 advantage then drops the next game when it moves to the visiting team’s home court.

The Hornets went up 2-0 on the defending champion Spurs, then once the series shifted to San Antonio, the Spurs won their 1st game. The same happened with the Pistons/Magic series and the Lakers/Jazz.

For the other Eastern Conference Semifinal match-up, pitting the Cavs against the Celtics, we’ll have to wait one more day to see if this trend holds true. The Cavs looked flat as all get-out in the first 2 games in Boston. Here’s to hoping a hearty dose of hometown enthusiam is enough to pull King James out of his funk. If he’s off, the team stands no chance.

But back to the reason for this post. Does this usually happen? I feel like it’s really weird. The league is probably thrilled, though. Mo’ games, mo’ money.

Although I love me some LBJ — I met him before he went pro and he was a great and humble kid — I want a Celtics/Lakers final. That is a recipe for ratings gold!