I had high hopes when it was announced that Bare Minerals was finally going to dip its toe in the liquid foundation pool. While I have their matte mineral foundation (and earlier tried the pressed Ready formula, which I didn’t like), part of me has always preferred liquid foundations. Revlon’s Colorstay and Cover Girl’s Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation are my two favorite options. They’re about as close to “Holy Grail” status as any foundation has gotten for me… that is, until this new Bare Minerals liquid foundation came along.

I’ve been trying to pump the breaks — ever since I got it — and not get too ahead of myself when it comes to this product, but I’m just so darn impressed so far! I pre-ordered the darkest shade available (more on that later) via QVC back in February. It shipped 2 days early and got here last Wednesday. I couldn’t wait to try it out!

After shaking, and just letting 2 drops fall into the brush’s custom reservoir (seriously, this brush is cool!), I scoffed at the idea that it could cover half of my face, but let me tell you that it totally did! I was amazed. I said “WOW!” out loud. No wonder that bottle is supposed to last forever!

My skin is no where near flawless, sans makeup. Quite the contrary. I have scars on scars on scars. Some are even craters that no makeup can cover, no matter how much I wish it could. (Darn you, teenage years!) But this foundation did the best job of any foundation I’ve ever tried. Yes, I said ever, y’all. And I’m no spring chicken, so that’s a sizable chunk of time.

So, I stared in the mirror for a minute in amazement of the coverage before I realized that I did a good job picking out my foundation shade. I mean, there were only 2 options for us dark skin girls, so I chose the darkest and it worked. In most Bare Minerals products, I typically pick up the darkest QVC shades that also have golden undertones, and it worked again. Of course, QVC only offered 12 shades whereas the Internet and boutiques will have 20 at a later date. I noticed that there are several more “dark” shades, but no clue if those would be a better fit for me than the “Mocha” I received, which is still the deepest available period. I plan on going to my boutique to get shade matched, just to see. Can’t hurt!

Now let me tell you about how it played with my skin. I used to be an oily girl back in the day. That’s no longer true. I’ve got combo skin now. The middle of my forehead, my nose, and the area immediately around it are the culprits these days. Not really even my chin anymore. My forehead did not get shiny one single bit! I had to blot area around my nose, but I have to do that with all foundations. And it still wasn’t oily. It was more dewy looking. When I tried the Ready pressed foundation that area was a straight up oil slick. Not with the bareSkin formula! Now, as I blotted, I did see some product come off, but not enough to require reapplication or anything. So beware that it may transfer a little to clothing if it comes in contact with your face while wearing this foundation.

The majority of my face stayed pretty matte and I was extremely happy with that. I used regular Mineral Veil and did not like it at all. It made me look ashy, as always. But have no fear, I purchased the jumbo size of the Bronzing Veil last week and it should arrive at my house some time today. I think that will play nice with this new stuff. I’m ready to retire original mineral veil for good. I already have the Ready touch-up veil (in Dark) for on-the-go and I love it.

I had the foundation on for about 8 hours and along w/ never making me look like a shiny penny, it never really wore off either. Pretty much looked the same as when I put it on. I took off the foundation in the shower and when I got out my skin felt nice and soft. Couple that with my new commitment to drinking lots of water and my face is pretty happy these days!

I didn’t wear the bareSkin Serum Foundation that next day. I decided to give my face a day to react, if it needed to. Bare Minerals has never, ever caused me to break out, and I didn’t expect this product to do so, but for testing purposes, I was thorough. I also washed my foundation brush that came with it. I always wash my foundation brushes after every use. Like I said, I have a history of skin issues. Re-using makeup brushes probably won’t help that, so I wash after every application. I figure that’s a good habit to have adopted!

After that day off, my face hasn’t sprouted any blemishes or the beginnings of those evil under-the-skin pain bumps. You know the ones I’m talking about. So far, so good! And like all BM products, there are ingredients that are just plain good for your skin. They pride themselves on not just being makeup, but also skin care. So, I know what I’m putting on my skin won’t be harmful. I like that.

In a nutshell, I am seriously impressed, Bare Escentuals! I see why it took them 20-something years to come up with this. It was worth the wait!

A quick glance at product pages all over the Interwebz shows many other women are receiving their QVC pre-orders (or Fab ambassador samples) and loving the new liquid foundation as well. Now we may all be jumping the gun, but I think Bare Minerals has a hit here. I think the biggest issue for most women was picking out shades. Many ordered more than one and plan to send back the one(s) that doesn’t match. It goes with the territory when you pre-order an item and can’t get shade matched in person. But it was worth it because of the included Perfecting Face Brush, which retails for $28 separately. Those who wait for May 1 will have to buy it separately, along w/ the foundation, for a total of $57+ tax. The QVC deal was $39.99 + shipping. Worth. It.

Some are now posting that they aren’t fans of the product, but I’ll continue to follow along and see what other ladies are saying. The bareSkin serum foundation obviously isn’t going to be for everyone, so I don’t expect all who try it to love it, but color me impressed! I had a contingency plan to return it (if I didn’t like it) and go purchase the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H instead. I went to a counter a few months ago and got my shade. But, I don’t think that’ll be necessary now! I have 30 days to decide, thanks to QVC’s generous return policy.

I will try out the Bronzing Mineral Veil and see if that works better for me than the original. If it doesn’t, it’s going back and I’m going to grab Bare Minerals’ new Mineralixirs Facial Cleansing Oil. I saw it on QVC and almost immediately pulled the trigger. But I have to pace myself. I can’t give all my coins to Bare Escentuals! I’ll do some more SwagBucks surveys & add it to my “Wishlist” that already has Urban Decay’s Electric Palette up at the top. 😉

ETA: I wore this foundation for the second time on Saturday. This time, I paired it with a face full of sunblock and Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser as my primer. I went to Ohio State’s Spring game, and wanted to test it out in the sun. I only used 3 total drops of foundation. One for each side of my face, and the third for my forehead and chin. I set it with the Bronzing Mineral Veil I had just gotten a day earlier.

It was an absolutely beautiful 75 degree and sunny day, and I was sitting outside from about 11AM to 4PM. I got a tan, anyway, but my makeup still looked great when I came home after the game. This foundation appears to look better the longer I have it on. I’m amazed. It’s like it fuses with my skin and just becomes it, if that makes any sense. I may have blotted my nose once, in the bathroom, but it ended up looking less oily than it did the first time I wore it. I don’t know if that was the Baby Skin product and/or the Bronzing Mineral Veil (which I liked 2345678 times better than the original MV. It’s a definite keeper!) but everything looked fine.

I keep trying all these different scenarios and putting off this post so that I can include more of my review. I’m still going to try some other ways to wear it, especially now that I’m a shade or so darker, but if I need to share those finding with y’all, I’ll just write a separate post. I’ve been working on this post for a full week!

Survey says: if you’re a liquid foundation kinda gal, and love you some Bare Minerals, go get shade matched when it’s full release hits boutiques and other retailers. Most of them have pretty good return policies, so why not give it a shot! Maybe you’ll be as happy with your purchase as I am.

“Two enthusiastic thumbs up.” – Travis Birkenstock