Ok, y’all. I’m sorry, but I totally have to brag on this foundation again. It has once again blown my mind!

So, yesterday was Easter Sunday. For me, that meant church service plus a mid-afternoon brunch with my extended family. It’s truly one of my favorite days of the year. But because this day is not about me, I didn’t want to have to wonder about my makeup all day. Turns out, thanks to Bare Minerals and Rimmel, I didn’t have to!

Now, while I’m still mad Rimmel refuses to acknowledge ANY deep skin tones with their foundations, their Stay Matte Primer is! I used it underneath my “Mineral Veil sandwich” and it worked wonders on my T-zone! I usually have to blot a few times, which isn’t the end of the world, but yesterday, I did not blot once!

I also applied my Bronzing Mineral Veil, using a patting method I saw in one of Wayne Goss’ YouTube videos. I usually use a powder brush, which apparently isn’t the best method for really setting your makeup. I learn so much from his YouTube channel!

So, anyway, I put my makeup on 9:30AM, and returned home to take it off at 5:30PM. I looked in the mirror and I wasn’t shiny! Not even around my nose! I was just slightly dewy, which my skin doesn’t ever do. Ever. I’m either extremely matte (right after application) or shiny, at the end of the day. There isn’t an in between.

I liked the dewy look on my skin. I could get used to it, but I’m not going to hold my breath! Humid season hasn’t hit the Midwest yet, so I won’t get ahead of myself just yet. All I know is that I just may have stumbled upon a method to help control my oily spots, and it’s mostly because of the new Bare Minerals bareSkin serum foundation, which continues to impress me!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!