Windows continues to be my 1 and only enemy these days.

After the debacle with my external hard drive — which ended up being far more complicated & expensive than just uninstalling Service Pack 3 — I now can’t use Internet Explorer 7.

I’ve explained before why I lean on IE more than Firefox. It’s the CTRL+O shortcut. Nothing more and nothing less. In both browsers, the shortcut opens a window to “open” something, but only in IE does that window allow you to open a url and not just a file. I give some of my “Favorites” very short names. For instance, to access the CuteNews admin section for, I used the name “swim”. I can CTRL+O, type in swim and voila! I don’t always want to scroll down my infinite list of Bookmarks to find these things. My CTRL+O shortcut is so fast and so clean and I refuse to live without it, damnit!

So after I uninstalled Service Pack 3, my “menu bar” for IE completely disappeared. The Menu bar is the top bar that has the “File Edit View Favorites Tools Help” options at the top. I depend on a lot of those items as well.

After scouring the internet for possible solutions (lots of others had this particular problem as well), and uninstalling and reinstalling both IE7 and IE8 nothing changed. So I am now back to IE6, which is incredibly “buggy”. Sometimes right-clicking commands don’t work like they should and there are no tabs. Man, I miss tabs!

So Bill Gates and Microsoft are really on my shit list now…as if they weren’t already. It’s all so frustrating!