The sudden cold weather has kept me in the house longer than I thought it would. If it had been gradual, I think I would still be running without interruption. But since Mother Nature likes to mess with me, it was another one of those practically overnight 20+ degree drops.

Well, I still haven’t signed up for that Halloween 5k I mentioned last month. Having my training interrupted didn’t help either. So, I’m about to go running now, no matter what! I have to see how I feel when running for 30 minutes.

It’s going to be much warmer on Friday, the day of this 5k, so if I feel good tonight, then I may just show up and enter the race in person. We’ll see!

ETA: So I got my run in about half an hour after I published this post. I guess it felt ok. I was a little “winded” during the last 8-10 minutes, but not to the point where I was considering stopping and walking. It was more a feeling that the run wasn’t as smooth as before. I don’t know if that’s because I went a week without getting in a run or because it was a little cold out.

I haven’t decided whether or not I’m going to do that 5k Friday or not. I’m considering driving up to Ann Arbor to see the U-M swim team face Indiana and Texas Fri. & Sat., but I’m not certain on that either. I have some decisions to make tomorrow!