2014-08-30 17.56.56-3 roku_unboxing

By the time I’d only had my Roku 3 for a couple of days, it had already changed the way I watch TV. And for that, it was love at first sight!

About a month later, here are my full thoughts on the device.

We have Time Warner Cable in our household. I’m not a fan of them, but they do a couple of things really well; 1) their mobile app and 2) unlimited data. I took particular notice upon learning Roku included the TWC App in their channel store. Chromecast didn’t. Apple TV didn’t. And, to my knowledge, Amazon’s Fire TV also did not.

A little background: I have basic cable in my room. And Time Warner takes a couple additional channels away from “basic” every year. Usually if I want to see everything our subscription has to offer, I have to relocate to a TV with digital cable, or whip out my iPad. I’m a lazy individual, so that hasn’t been an ideal situation.

But since Roku includes the same TWC TV app that I can load up on my iPhone and iPad, I now no longer have to move. I’ve been watching sooooo much TVOne, Centric, and LogoTV, I hardly know what to do with myself! It’s heavenly! And TWC updated their app to include On-Demand and “Start Over” options. Heck yea!

I also have taken advantage of the Roku Media Channel. After installing it, I simply plug in a USB device to the side of the Roku 3, and it scans it for video, pictures, or music to play on my TV. We don’t have DVR as part of our cable subscription. If I miss a show, I download it from a number of places on the internet. Instead of watching it on my monitor, or burning it to a DVD, I just throw it on the flash drive and watch it immediately. It’s sooooo convenient! I’ve also used it to play downloaded versions of sporting events and movies that I store on my external hard drive.

I’ve also been enjoying the WatchESPN app. It allows me to watch all things on ESPN3 and alternate feeds from college football that are super neat, like the skycam. I got to see a lot of the US Open tennis matches, that I initially missed, on demand. LOVED that!

There is not a Big Ten Network channel, unfortunately. But, for that, I’ve since added a Chromecast to another TV in the house, and I’m able to easily “cast” BTN to a TV whenever needed. Between these two streaming devices, I think we’re set!

Let me put it this way. I’m so incredibly happy with my Roku 3 that I’ve already decided that I’m buying one for my brother for Christmas. I’m not worried about ruining a surprise for him, (by posting it on my blog) because I’ve already told him! He hears me rave about it every day. And, in a couple of months, he will experience the awesomeness for himself as well!