I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve made a post, but there are reasons for that. No, I mean it!

First, I was having issues with my webhost. Almost every time I got an alert from Wordfence, I would log in to block the offending IP addresses. After a couple of days or doing that, I would get an email that my account was suspended for using too many resources. Now, I just ignore those alerts and haven’t been suspended. I guess my strategy of blocking IPs for trying to login to an admin account that doesn’t exist anymore (and thus keep my website secure) is out. That’s what I get for being proactive. I’m just tired of getting hacked, ya feel me?

Then I was considering moving to a new webhost. I actually have two backups that I can move to, in extreme circumstances. So, I was waiting to be “suspended” again, so I could finally make the move, but it hasn’t happened. As a result, I didn’t want to post too much, only to have to pack up and move. I know, weak excuse, but that’s what I was telling myself!

Also, I was busy planning and taking a family trip to Hawaii. This is a life long dream that we’d always wanted to take with my Dad, but sadly, he wasn’t able to make the trip. We celebrated his life and birthday while we were there. I will blog about it and share pictures and videos. It was a trip of a lifetime!

Lastly, I’ve just been lazy. I have ideas, daily, for posts. I even have a good number of drafts saved. I just haven’t sat down, finished writing, or pressed publish. Is it indecision? I have no clue. But I’m back! I have several beauty reviews to share among other topics. So, stay tuned!