The Maze Runner, Let’s Be Cops, About Time, Mortdecai, Focus, Insurgent, Age of Adaline, Hot Pursuit, Entourage, Spy, Inside Out, Magic Mike XXL, Max, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

The above list is all the movies I’ve gotten passes to, in the past year, for a free screening. If you add up all those movies (averaging $10 per) that’s a savings of about $140! That’s a lot, y’all!

I frequently tweet about screenings I attend, and get responses from followers asking how I always end up seeing all these movies for free. Well, I’m going to share, because sharing is caring, right?

It started with being a part of AMC’s customer reward program, AMC Stubs. I got an email to sign up for a free screening via a screening site called Gofobo. I was completely unfamiliar with Gofobo, but that is website #1 on my suggestion list when searching for free movie screenings. Not necessarily because it’s better than the others, but because it was the first specialized site I stumbled upon.

You will create a profile with very basic info like your name, email, sex, and date of birth. Then, when there are available screenings in your area, they will send you an email to claim passes. But you gotta be super fast! Folks snatch up those passes with the quickness! And if the event is full, they’ll offer you a spot on the wait list. Sometimes they’ll release more passes to waitlisters, but I wouldn’t count on that. Just stay close to your email during the late morning and afternoon. I’ve found that having the emails come directly to my phone is an excellent way for me to quickly redeem.

After you successfully claim passes (you can choose one or two tickets; so you can bring a friend), you’ll be sent a confirmation email with an attached PDF file. You’ll need to print that out and take it with you to the theater. Screenings are on a first-come, first-serve basis. And they overbook, so you are not guaranteed a seat just because you printed a pass. Showing up 15 minutes early is not good enough. I actually recommend being at least an hour early. Folks are serious about their free screenings. I was an hour early for Magic Mike XXL, and ended up watching that sucka from the 3rd row. Learn from me, y’all! Just bring a magazine or something. It’ll be fine.

Now, some screenings have different redemption procedures. Some ask for IDs. Some (*coughDisneycough*) take your phones before you enter the theater. Some wand you. Some don’t allow you to save seats. It just depends on your theater, screening partner, and some luck.

Here is the list of screening partners and websites I recommend you sign up and create a profile on:

Warner Bros Tickets
Lionsgate Screenings
Sony Screenings
Fox Searchlight Screenings
See It First

This should have you pretty nicely covered. I average about one screening per week now. I don’t always go, but I regularly receive invites.

Let me know how this works for you or if you’re going to sign up for any of these sites!