Continuing to see paparazzi pics of My Boys star Kyle Howard (Bobby) coupling around with my girl LC from The Hills makes me wonder when I’ll next get a taste of one of my favorite shows.

Unless you’re Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, there are large droughts between seasons on TBS. HoP is always on. ALWAYS! I mean, I get an occasional laugh from the show, but there’s really no reason for it to air year round while gems like My Boys only get to air when new episodes are on. When My Boys‘ season is done, we never see a repeat ep until the next season. TBS, you’re wrong for that!

Anyway, I started digging around to see when MB was coming back to TV and while it’s not soon enough for me (tomorrow would be classified as soon enough) it should be back with 9 new episodes in the 1st quarter of 2009. That translates to before March! I was afraid we’d have to wait until June for the new season, like this year.