Thanks to the wonderful folks over at Influenster, I got a VoxBox full of Ole Henriksen goodies to try out last week.

The main product was Ole’s 3-step PowerBright System. It is supposed to exfoliate, brighten, and add glow to your skin. Influenster also included the popular Sheer Transformation moisturizer, the Truth Serum collagen booster (which I’ve actually been wanting to try for about a year now), as well as a professional cleaning sponge.

Now the amount of product we Influenster/VoxBox users received was enough for one treatment, although I think I can get two treatments out of my sample.

The first step is a sugar polishing mask that felt (and smelled) divine. Now, I am a very frequent exfoliater. I use my Kate Somerville ExfoliKate literally every day. I know it’s suggested most people use it 2-3 times per week, but that’s not enough for my skin. Through trial and error I’ve learned what its needs are and lots of exfoliating is on the menu! So, step one was slathering product on my face, letting it sit for 10-15 minutes, massaging it in with warm water, and then rinsing off. My skin felt so good and soft after that step.

Step 2 required applying a Vitamin C concentrate on my dry face, letting it sit for 2-3 minutes, and then putting a melting cleanser on my face for an additional 10-15 minutes. That’s step 3. There’s supposed to be a bit of a tingly feeling during this third and final step, but I didn’t feel much of it. Not that it would have been uncomfortable, just different lol.

Ole Henriksen & co. even provided a facial sponge to wipe the melting cleanser from our faces. Nice touch.

I finished the regimen with the provided Truth Serum and then Sheer Transformation moisturizer. After it was all absorbed in I couldn’t believe how soft my face was! It’s even softer than when I use my Clarisonic, then follow with Exfolikate! That’s the routine I use nightly. Now, I can’t speak for any increase in brightness after just one treatment, but I know I just injected my skin with a lot of good ingredients that is always a bonus, regardless of visible results. I’d probably need to buy the $55 box that contains 6 treatments and use all of them, in order to really notice results. And honestly, I am considering it. It’s now on my Sephora “loves” list.

What’s a review without a morning/date after update? Well, for a skincare product, I think it’s incomplete! So let me tell you what I observed the next day after initially trying Ole Henriksen’s POWER Brite system.

I’m not a professionally trained dermatologist. I can’t look in the mirror and say “Oh yes, my face looks ___% brighter.” It would be disingenuous to do so. However, I can say that my skin was still soft the next day. And also, I had a few small blemishes before I tried the products. The next day, they were all smaller, mostly flat and dried out. I don’t know if I can attribute that allllll to the shot of Vitamin C I put into my face. Maybe they were ready to go away? It’s entirely possible. Blemishes play by no one’s rules but their own!

Well, again, my skin felt really great afterwards. I still can’t speak to the long term results of this system, but I wouldn’t be against trying it for a few weeks. I will consider it, for sure. For now, The Truth Serum has worked its way into my night routine, as a sort of evening creme/serum for my face. I will continue to use it until I run out, then make the decision whether to purchase just the serum, or the entire PowerBright System.