I got an email, a couple of weeks ago, informing that my existing AMC Stubs membership was about to be upgraded to AMC Stubs Premiere. I skimmed the email, but really didn’t read all that much into it.

For the past couple of years, I’ve been enjoying AMC Stubs because it waives fees from every transaction, and I get a free movie ticket after every 10 visits. There have also been some advanced screening opportunities that I’ve enjoyed. All in all, if you went to the movies once per month, you made your $12/yr investment back. That was worth it to me.

But now there are two tiers of the AMC Stubs program: AMC Stubs Insider (free) and AMC Stubs Premiere ($15/yr). I didn’t really know the difference when I went to see Ghostbusters last night (Non-Spoilery Alert: It was awesome. I don’t know/care what the angry men online have been complaining about). Upon entering the ticketing area, I saw a line especially for AMC Stubs Premiere members. There were gold stanchions, with AMC STUBS PREMIERE labels and everything! We get our own line now? OK!

After we got our tickets, we went inside to get some refreshments. The line was super long, though. I’d say it had about 15 people in it! For some reason, they thought they didn’t need multiple lines on a Saturday night? Upon further review, we saw that there was a second line. It, too, had gold stanchions for AMC Stubs Premiere members. I double checked with an employee, to make sure we could go in that line, and we walked right up to the cashier to put in our order!

Essentially AMC has turned the paid tier of the AMC Stubs program into their version of TSA Pre-check in theaters!

Yes, there are other differences, and I currently have the AMC Stubs FAQ page open in my browser, so I can get myself up-to-date.

Below is a brief rundown of the differences between the tiers. From the looks of it, membership will continue to be worth it to me. Besides, a couple of weeks ago, they ran a promo (glitch?) where if you renewed, at the previous price of $12, you got two years instead of one! So I’m AMC Stubs Premiere through March 2019!


Are you a Stubs member? Free or paid? Are you planning on checking it out?