Hello, everyone! Happy New Year!

As I sit here and write my first post since July, I keep thinking “how have I fallen off so much??!” Well, in August I had a little health scare and it shook me up a little. But it also kept me very close to home. I had ample material, time, and opportunity to write posts, yet somehow, I just didn’t get it done.

Fast forward to today, January 11th, and I still have daily moments where I say to myself “I should blog about that,” but then I don’t. I’m going to stop being lazy and put fingers to the keyboard; whether that’s via iPhone, iPad, or computer. I can publish posts on all those devices.

I’m going to pace myself, but at the very least, I can create an outline and save it to drafts for future fine tuning. But I want to get writing again. I’m not aiming for multiple posts per day. I’ve never done that here. But, to start, I’m shooting for at least one post per week. On something. Anything. It could be something I bought and want to share a quick review. It could be my health, which is still something I’m treating since that August incident. And, of course, I will not abandon my running podcasts. But y’all know I love movies, TV, beauty products, technology, and sports. I could really be writing about so many things!

I’m also going to start compiling an email list. Mostly for podcast updates, but also to keep more in touch with readers, and find out what y’all want to read here. I aim to please!

So, thank you for taking the time to read these lines, and I hope to give you something else to read soon!