My attempt at making my post titles sound like Harry Potter movies. What do you think? ?

Are any of y’all tennis fans? Were you paying attention to the Australian Open the past two weeks? Well I was, even though it took a toll on my sleeping patterns.

As the draws started to take shape, there were some amazing story line lines unfolding. Both number one seeds were upset early, and some great underdogs emerged.

Then we all started to look ahead. Could it be? Could it truly happen? Could we really be so blessed to end up with an all-Williams final on the women’s side and a Roger vs. Rafa final on the men’s? A vintage set of championship matches we thought we saw the last of a decade ago.

Depending on which Tennis God you pray to, your prayers may have been answered. Mine were. And I stayed up entirely too late (3:30AM ET start time) to witness history. For the first time ever, I genuinely would have been thrilled with whomever won the titles in either match. I was simply excited to see it all unfold!

And when the chair umpire uttered the words “Game. Set. Match.” Serena Williams and Roger Federer were left standing as champions.

I’ve watched the matches multiple times already, as well as the trophy ceremonies. And each time I’m so struck by the great champions and ambassadors of sport we’ve been blessed with by these four individuals. Just a great two weeks of tennis!

I’m beyond thrilled for Serena and Roger and also wish they could have shared their titles with Venus and Rafa respectively. How does that even work? I don’t know, but that is how I feel.

Also, how adorable is Serena’s fiancĂ© Alexis Ohanian?

Lastly, I will take this moment to share that while I am tired of the hold “Seven Nation Army” has over sports, I absolutely LOVE the Beats By Dre commercial Serena stars in. Haven’t seen it? Take a look below!

I just became a Bose girl (I swear by the QuietComfort 35 headphones I got for Christmas) but I can’t deny that Beats by Dre has allllll the swagger.