Have y’all heard about MoviePass? It’s the subscription service that allows you to see a movie per day, at most theaters, for just $9.95/month. Did you hear me? Essentially you could see 30-31 movies in a month for $10! Do y’all know how insane that is? The movies at the theater I regularly attend are $10.49. For 54 cents LESS, I could see a movie every day?


I heard about MoviePass when it first came out, but the prices was much more outrageous. They actually made a lot more sense, considering the value you’re getting. According to TIME, the monthly cost was about $50 for “unlimited movies,” when it launched in 2011. Which still only breaks down to seeing 5 movies the normal way.

Still a deal, but it wasn’t anything I was willing to commit to. But then, about a month ago, MoviePass dropped it’s subscription fee all the way down to $9.95/month, and I perked up! As long as you see at least one movie per month, you are saving money! I go to the movies a lot. Sometimes it’s an advanced screening, but always at least once. Most years I see anywhere from 24-35 movies. THINK OF THE SAVINGS!!!

It sounded darn near perfect. Well, until AMC Theaters was cast in the role of wet blanket to all of our unlimited movie-going dreams. They basically came out and said “Ummmm, there’s no way this is going to work longterm, and we’re going to do everything in our power to opt out of this service.”

That still hasn’t happened, and unless they stop accepting Mastercard at their theaters, they can’t, but it definitely gives me pause. The major theaters where I live are all of the AMC variety. The only times I go to a non-AMC theater is if a particular screening is only being offered elsewhere, or if I go to the independent dine-in theater near my house. (And I only do that once or twice per year) If AMC were to somehow successfully get out of the MoviePass program, there’d literally be no point in me having the subscription.

But that isn’t the only point of concern with MoviePass. I was on a message board or forum the other day, and I saw so many threads of people having issues with actually using the card/app, as well as those who should have had their membership card but had yet to receive it.

I’m going to keep reading, and also continue to be on the lookout for a tutorial or “MoviePass For Dummies” guide, but something tells me that before the holiday movie push comes along — provided AMC is still locked in — I will be joining the ranks of MoviePass nation.

What do y’all think? Have you signed up for MoviePass? Are you thinking about it?