It’s about time, but Regal has finally announced their long rumored movie subscription plan to compete with AMC Stubs A-List.

One week from today, I will officially be one year into my AMC Stubs A-List subscription and I couldn’t possibly be happier. But when you’re the only kid playing the sandbox, you get to make your own rules. AMC gave everyone who signed up a 12-month guarantee where the terms we signed up under would not change, including the price. But after that 12 months, all bets were off!

In fact, terms have changed a little, depending on where you live. There are now several pricing tiers. Thankfully my price isn’t changing, but the most the increase would be is $4 per month. But who knows what increases, or limitations could’ve been added if Stubs A-List was the only game in town?

Enter: Regal Entertainment Group and Regal Unlimited.

Let me give y’all a Cliffs Notes version of their program as I understand it:

    3 pricing tiers based on where you live (similar to AMC), starting at $18 + tax; which is cheaper than the lowest fee on AMC.
    Unlimited movie viewing, much like MoviePass provided back in the day (RIP).
    2D movies only! Premium formats like IMAX come with a surcharge
    10% off in-house concessions
    12 month commitment. You are on the hook to pay for an entire year before you can even think about cancelling. (AMC requires only a 3-month commitment)
    You can pay monthly or yearly
    App only. You can’t use Regal’s desktop website to make reservations or creat your account
    $.50 + tax convenience fee per ticket
    In addition to a surcharge for premium formats, there may also be a surcharge for premium seating


That’s the info I gleaned from the FAQs from Regal’s official site.

And I think it’s a great initial offering for Regal! There are no Regal theaters in my area, even though there are a decent number in my state. (I live in the 14th largest city in the country, but it is veeerrryyy much AMC country)

Regal fans who saw AMC come out with their subscription a year ago have been waiting patiently. And while I don’t have access to Regal theaters, I heard a lot of people preferred Regal and/or didn’t have any AMC theaters near them. They couldn’t depend on MoviePass anymore, so they were left out. I’m so glad they have an offering now! And the “Unlimited” is going to score them a lot of business. It’s not going to be a dumpster fire, like MoviePass’s unlimited plan, since Regal is the theater operator themselves and they’re going to make bank with concessions and the surcharges.

I’ve always preferred AMC theaters, and even if Regal was available in my area, I wouldn’t be switching. Let me tell you why:

First of all, I love the premium formats. My AMC theater of choice installed a Dolby Cinema screen a few months ago and my life has not been the same since. I love it! I saw Avengers: Endgame opening night in IMAX and the very next day in Dolby. Paying for that, out of pocket, would’ve been $30. My subscription is $19.95.

Secondly, while I go to the movies just about every week, I’ve only ever seen 5 movies in a month once! I’m allotted 12 in a month and I don’t ever come close to that. I don’t need “unlimited.”

What intrigued me, reading through the terms, was the fraud protection Regal will be implementing. Since it’s all digital, members will have a Subscription Pass on their phone. It is tied to the mobile device ID, so there’ll be no sharing accounts and logins. They also require a selfie-like photo or headshot be uploaded into your account for verification purposes. Interesting. I’m interested in seeing how that works, because I think I’d rather do that than have to show my ID every trip like I do now with AMC. Although the staff at my preferred AMC theater kind of know me by now and don’t always ask for ID. (Shh! Don’t tell anybody though!)

There will likely be some people who don’t want to do this though, for privacy reasons, so we’ll see how much publicity this part of the terms gets in the media/fan chatter. I wonder if this would be a deal breaker for some.

So those are my initial thoughts about the entrance of Regal into the American subscription movie service ring. I can’t wait to hear what the user experience is with sign up and usage.

What about you? Do you have a movie subscription plan? Are you planning on signing up for one? Share you thoughts!