Stop me if you’ve heard this one! Just kidding.

I would rather have watched Desperate Housewives tonight, but since the American Music Awards air on ABC, that’s what I’m half-watching tonight. [Watch the performances here]

Watching NKOTB do the “Right Stuff” dance took me back. Waaaaaay back to when I was like 10 years old and fighting over which one of them was “mine” with my friends. Damn I’m old.

On to Rihanna. I didn’t want to like her. And for the longest time, I didn’t. But mostly because I thought she was biting my girl C-Mil’s look. (And she was. Check out pics of the early years of her career) But she started releasing all these songs that I just can’t get enough of. I’ve got her latest, “Rehab”, on perma-repeat. Just saw her AMA performance. She’s so pretty, but I’ll be damned if she isn’t the most boring performer in the industry right now. I know the song is slow/mid-tempo, but she can do more than strut across the stage. No stage presence whatsoever! I envision the hot choreography someone like Justin Timberlake could do with that song. Think “Cry Me A River”. But again, not an option with RiRi. She can’t dance to save her life, which is unfortunate because it would add another dimension to her act. Oh well.

How hot does Pink look? And her duet with Sarah McLachlan was amazingly beautiful. She’s such a wonderful singer. Now if she’d just go back to “R&B/Hip-Hop Pink” every once in a while, I’d be so thrilled. “Most Girls” was my jam and I miss that Pink. Let Kelly Clarkson have the rock/pop/dance genre and give me what I want!

I don’t understand the appeal of the Jonas Brothers. I mean, they’re cute and all, and I appreciate that they play instruments. But their voices are terrible. Ditto for Miley Cyrus. It seems like they have a ton of energy coupled with the right look, but that’s it. Guess you don’t really need to SING anymore.

How cute was Taylor Swift. I only listen to the occasional Carrie Underpants song, so I haven’t really gotten into the rest of the young, blonde country chicas. However, from Taylor’s TV interviews, I really like her. She is very sweet to her fans and tells it like it is. I loved how she put that Jonas Brother on blast for breaking up with her via phone. And tonight she seemed genuinely touched that she won that award tonight. Cute. Her voice is very average, but her songwriting talents are spectacular.

I love Chris Brown. Even when he wears those frequent hot mess outfits I still love him. He’s so cute.

I don’t get the Coldplay thing either. Never have, never will. They bore me to tears. I can recognize that they are extremely talented, but they just put me to sleep. Not really my style of music.

Queen Latifah returning to her rap roots with A-Keys was awesome. I wish she’d bust out a little U-n-i-t-y for old time’s sakes. But I’ll be honest, if the performance had just been Alicia, I probably would have been bored there too.

Kanye is a damn fool. He has a hot song every now and then, but his ego, and how he tries so hard to be “deep” irritates me. I vote he never get another award so I don’t have to hear his ridiculous ramblings. After the show, I’m sure he’ll go harass some more paparazzi and get arrested. Way to go, big guy.

It was funny watching JT present Annie Lennox with her award. Not because I thought anything she said was hilarious, but because I imagined that the majority of the young’uns in there were probably like “who is she?”. You know they were!