I seriously have workout A.D.D. in that I always want to try the “next thing” to see how it is or if it’s effective. I did that badass arm workout for like a week before something else caught my attention. That workout is Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. If you’re not familiar with Jillian, she’s the in-your-face trainer from NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”. She packs a mean punch but gets the job done!

So, a couple of weeks ago, I made an overdue trip to CollageVideo to see what was new and what people were buying the most. Turns out that Jillian’s new workout “30 Day Shred” is the current #1 best seller over there. I read the reviews, watched the preview, and decided I wanted to try it.

“30 Day Shred” is set up in 3 levels with the first being the easiest and the 3rd being the most difficult. You are supposed to do each workout for 10 days, then move on to the next level, so by the time 30 days roll around you’re “shredded”. Makes sense.

Also, this workout isn’t one of those really long ones. Each level is about 20 minutes and features three cycles of the following order:

  • 3 minutes of strength training (one is an isolated muscle move and the other is a compound exercise)
  • 2 minutes of cardio
  • 1 minute of abs
  • Jillian does not let you rest. She moves from exercise to exercise, and if you think you’re going to die, she only wants you to take 5 seconds break. I’ve found a good way of keeping my towel and water near, because I need those.

    She has 2 exercises with her in this video. One does a modified version and the other maxes out every move with high intensity.

    I believe you are supposed to do this every day for 30 days, according to the title. I don’t do my strength training like that, although I guess I could. I always leave a day in between for my muscles to recover. I guess, since this is only 20 miniutes, I could probably get away with doing it every day. I just don’t feel the need versus the risk. On the days I don’t do “30 Day Shred” I’m doing a full cardio workout (not running anymore because it’s cold šŸ™ ) and some ab work. So this is probably more like “60 Day Shred” for me, lol.

    I didn’t just start in at Level 2 like a lot of people do when they’ve already been working out regularly. I wanted to work myself up and through this DVD, so I started at the beginning. Level 1 was ok, if not a little easy. Not the case with Level 2, which I did for the first time yesterday.

    It wasn’t that the moves were particularly hard. It was the reps. I was out of breath and my arms shaking! I was only using 5 lb dumbells! There were some moves I’d never done before and I immediately felt the effects after I finished the workout. I told my mother that I felt like someone jumped me in an alley and kicked my ass. But it felt good! I loved feeling completely worked over. It tells me it’s working and I’m doing something right. I love it!

    I can’t wait until I’ve done Level 2 a few times, so I can note if I’m getting any better at the exercises. So far I’m extremely impressed with “30 Day Shred”, and I recommend it to all if you like shorter workouts that kick your ass.