My HG Lipcolor?

My HG Lipcolor?

You know a longwear lipcolor is for real if it lasts through Thanksgiving Day dinner. Cover Girl’s Outlast held up superbly and I ate a lot, let me tell you!

I succumbed to the advertising of Cover Girl’s Outlast Lipcolor a couple of weeks back and was pretty impressed after my first couple of wearings. You know I’ve publicly stated that I am a fan of L’Oreal’s Infallible Lipstick and Lipcolor.

After the first application, I had moved Outlast ahead of the Infallible Lip Color and Lipstick. At first I thought I was overreacting because it was new, so I put on the Infallible again to make sure I wasn’t making a hasty decision. I wasn’t.

Outlast does NOT move. I put it on, let it set for a minute, then applied the topcoat. I put a Kleenex to my lips and not even a crumb of color came off. I can’t say the same for the L’Oreal, even though not much product transferred from my lips. But it was more than none!

I also ate with both products on. After I finished eating, I noticed that the L’Oreal lipcolor started to crumble a little on my lips, which was a little annoying. I tried to blot, in order to get some of those crumblies off my lips, but that didn’t work. The color still looked pretty good, but I press my lips together a lot and the crumbled pieces of color did not feel good.

After eating Thanksgiving dinner — with the Outlast on — there was no significant crumbling. I blotted my lips and a teeny tiny bit of product came off. I reapplied the topcoat and it looked exactly like when I had just applied the product hours earlier. I was impressed! And now it’s after midnight and my lips still look good! Cover Girl did the damn thing with Outlast. I have 2 colors, and will be purchasing more!

My only gripe with Outlast, and it’s really small, is that there are 2 separate tubes. The packaging of the Infallible products is the best in the business. I wish Cover Girl could find something different. But, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t have to take the original color with me to repply. After the initial application, all I need is the topcoat!