I enjoyed watching Candace Parker dominate at the collegiate level. Even when injured, like she was during the NCAA tournament, she still brought the heat. You simply cannot contain her.

When she was drafted by my favorite WNBA team – yes, I have a favorite WNBA team – I was ecstatic! Lisa Leslie has been one of my favorite female athletes, from any sport, for a long time. I think she is a wonderful role model. Not just because she’s great at what she does, but she also transcends her sport. People who don’t follow women’s basketball know who she is. She models, she acts, she has a book out. Get that paper, girl!

I wish for Candace a similar career where she can create a successful brand around her name and image. She’s already highly sought after since she is the epitomy of a marketer’s dream.

CP3 made her official WNBA debut today and I made sure to tune in. Thank you, ABC! While many struggled to contain her at the college level, I was interested to see how she fared against professionals. I didn’t expect to see her dominate there too, especially not against the reigning WNBA champions. But she did!

Prior to today, the highest points ever scored by a WNBA rookie in their debut was 25 back in 2007; not counting pre-season exhibition games. Candace absolutely destroyed that with an impressive 34 pt. showing.

And if that wasn’t enough, she also came with 2 assists of a triple-double. Not only have there not been many tripe-doubles in the WNBA, but for her to come so close in her debut is amazing!

Oh, and the LA Sparks won the game 99-94. Click here for the boxscore and video highlights.