Well, it’s been real. Looks like Steve & Barry’s will be closing its doors for good after having filed for bankruptcy a second time. Actually, they’ve already started shutting down stores. The process should be completed some time in mid-January.

I’ve only been to the store a handful of times, but I loved it. If you want to support your college team of choice, it was the place to go for cheap-o t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts and more. It also featured some cool lines by celebrities. I kind of liked Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Bitten” line.

I didn’t get to Steve & Barry’s as much as I would have liked because of the ‘Great Wall’ Ohio State put up around central Ohio. They want you to buy their officially licensed (and super expensive) merch. So they made sure that there were no Steve & Barry stores anywhere near the greater Columbus area. The closest locations were about an hour away. Greedy, bastards! Their sinister plan worked. I picked up a fully priced Terrelle Pryor jersey a few months ago.

Anyway, I’m going to try and get to the Springfield location before its closing. Liquidation sales will improve the prices, but that’s only if there is anything other than picked over items left. We shall see.

Like they say all good things come to and end.