NBC announced today that after his run of “The Tonight Show” is finished, Jay Leno will be getting his own prime time show on NBC at 10 PM (ET).

I don’t know how I feel about this. On one hand, I spend very little time watching NBC programming. But the one show franchise I do watch on that network is Law & Order. Their Special Victims Unit (SVU) version is one of the best shows on NBC. It brings in the ratings and Emmy nominations every year. Having it at 9 just seems wrong. Not to mention the rest of my tv watching schedule could be thrown off!

And what is Jay going to do? It’s already been announced that he will continue his popular ‘Headlines’ and ‘Jay Walking’ bits. Is that enough? Is it going to be his exact same show, but just at 10 PM instead of 11:30? Having 3 late night talk shows in a row seems like it would breed an awful lot of competition between the shows. Wonder how all this is going to work.

Stay tuned!