Ok, so Everybody Hates Chris is one of my fave shows from the Fall 2005 premiere crop. I watched it religiously.

However, I do not watch the CW network religiously. Actually, EHC is the only show I watch on there. That may be the reason I did not know the show was now airing on Sundays!

Thanks, a lot, guys!

I hate when networks juggle shows; especially successful shows such as Everybody Hates Chris. Can you say Emmy nominations?

Anyway, I just realized I’ve been missing the second half of Season 3 because the show moved from Monday to Sunday after the Writers’ Strike. Thanks, again guys. I just assumed it would return with Season 4 in the fall. Boy was I wrong! New episodes have been airing since the beginning of March!!

So, now I shall make my way over to my favorite torrent site and attempt to catch up on all I have missed. Oy vey.

I just found out that in the fall, CW is moving the show again. This time to the night where TV shows goes to die; Friday. I certainly hope this isn’t foreshadowing. EHC is a great show that TV needs is a time where reality tv and game shows are oversaturing network programming.