Because I’m such an old lady (no jokes, please!), I set some time aside on Sundays to look through the retail ads in the paper. Aint nuttin’ wrong with lookin’ for a deal, yo!

Anyway, flipping through the CVS circular, I saw a bunch of cosmetics BOGO deals.

If you need anything from the Revlon Beyond Natural line, some L’Oreal Lipcolor, or any Maybelline Face, Eye, Lip or Nail Color, get your booty on over to CVS this week and hook yourself up!

Cover Girl is not included. They almost never do BOGOs; even though they too sliced prices for this week. Doesn’t matter to me as I found great deals on my Outlast lip color on eBay.

I’m not sure I need anything now, but I might take a little trip over to CVS to see if anything jumps out at me! Maybe a couple more L’Oreal Infallible lip glosses. We’ll see!