This gas/fuel problem is getting out of hand and we consumers are the ones getting bent over.

I really don’t crae that the government doesn’t want to get involved or thinks it might set a bad precedence. Bottom line is SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! This is all ridiculous! We’re tired of getting hosed!

Case in point: American Airlines has decided to charge for all checked baggage. Not the 3rd item. Not the 2nd item. All bags.

I am effectively never flying American again. I have to put my foot down. It was American, who last month, announced they would charge for the 2nd checked bag. That pissed me off too, but not as much as charging for the 1st one too; $15.

Most of the airlines already increased the basic fares by $20 to help with fuel costs. That is in addition to the increase of reservation fees and other things they’ve tried to pull on travellers. That was within the past month. Now this? Nope. I don’t think so. I’m done with AA. It’s a matter of principle.

Man, I miss Skybus.