Am I going to have to start travelling with Greyhound?

It seems all the airlines are following American Airlines’ lead with jacked up fees and fares. Yay…

United Airlines has increased its basic fares significanty; by up to as much as $60 more per roundtrip. They’re also thinking about implementing a fee on the 1st checked bag just like American Airlines did earlier this week. Other airlines are watching closely to see if that is something they might try. Hooray.

This weekend brings us Memorial Day and travel numbers are down signficantly. This is the first time the numbers have decreased since 2002. The price of oil and these ridiculously high airline fares are to blame. If this keeps up, the entire travel industry is going to tank. People are going to stay home.

So far, I haven’t heard about Southwest Airlines pulling any of this crap, but I’m sure they’ll be forced to cave eventually. When that happens, we’re all doomed.

I’m glad that Congress doesn’t buy that the Big Oil Companies are “reinvesting their record profits”. They so aren’t. And if they think Congress, and the American people are that stupid, it’s even more insulting than I thought.

I’m looking to purchase a roundtrip to Omaha in the coming weeks and I really don’t need this. I’m going to have to suck it up, but if this keeps up, it will affect my future committments.

Perhaps if I start hitchiking now, I’ll make it there in time for the Olympic Swimming Trials?