Paul Hamm’s Olympic comeback bid came to a screeching halt this week as the 2004 All-Around Olympic Gold Medalist has a broken bone in his hand; an injury that occured during this weekend’s VISA National Championships

I always like Paul Hamm, aside from his freakishly high-pitched voice. Being that he attended OSU and still trains here, I hear about him a lot. To top it off, my brother used to see him around the Columbus bars a few years ago. Said he seemed like a nice guy.

In the events he has competed in since his return, he has done really well. If I’m not mistaken, he’s won all of them and solidified his spot as a front-runner to make the Olympic team. So this is a big deal. It’s now being reported that Paul will petition the US selection committee to place him on the team anyway. Speculation is that he will be 100% by the time competition gets underway in Beijing. I guess if I had to, I would compare this to the Michelle Kwan situation ahead of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. She did not compete at the Trials for figure skating, but was still placed on the team.

I hope that Paul’s surgery goes well, he recovers his strength, and is able to show the committee that he still can compete with the best of the world in Beijing. I’d really like to see him represent the USA again.

So, good luck and speedy recovery to you, Paul!

In other men’s gymnastics news, my alltime fave gymnast, Blaine Wilson has officially called it quits. This means he will not contest the Trials meet next month and will retire from the sport. Now he’s said it before, but I think it’s for real this time. He’s had a great career and represented his school, state, and country very well!

Blaine is a local guy. He went to my cousin’s high school DeSales here in Columbus. He’s also pretty darn cute! I’d say he was hot, but I cannot bring myself to say that about someone who is shorter than me. You must be taller than me in order to be considered “hot”, much like the “you must be this tall to ride this ride” rule. Nawmean?