And more importantly, are they any good?

Miller Lite has one. So does Bud Light. Then I recently spotted a TV spot for Michelob Ultra Fruit, which takes it one step further than simply lime. Its beer flavors are a little more creative than lime. For example, they make a Pomegranate Raspberry flavor that now intrigues me because we just tried a new Minute Maid fruit juice in a similar fruit combo. In addition, Michelob also offers Tuscan Orange Grapefruit and Lime Cactus.

Apparently Michelob’s fruit-inspired line was actually introduced last year, but I’m just seeing the commercials now. Perhaps they were just testing the waters last year and are now giving it the full marketing treatment.

They are clearly marketing these beers to women, and I must admit they have my attention. Then again, I already like beer, so it’s not like I wasn’t a fan. This is probably an attempt to lure the girlies who don’t drink beer, AKA most of my friends. I wonder if they’d like this. We’re going to have to experiment. After which, I will get back to all of you!

ETA: I headed to Kroger today to pick up some Mt. Dew. Since the beer/alcohol aisle is next to the pop, I thought I’d take a stroll to see if Bud Light Lime, Miller Chill, and the Michelob Ultra Fruit were readily available. They were placed right next to each other halfway down the aisle. I’m not too surprised that they’re sold here since Columbus houses its very own Anheuser Busch brewery. Easy access, much like my days attending college in St. Louis.