I got up early today, so I could get in on the Free Cosmetics settlement giveaway. It was crazy! Well, not crazy in that crowds were out of control. Crazy in that there were far more people aware of the giveaways than I had anticipated.

I got to Macy’s right when it opened and there was already a line wrapped around the store! I just knew I’d be in and out because there’s no way anyone else knew. WRONG! So, I got in line and hoped that there’s be some Dior J’Adore left by the time I got to the front. 30 minutes later, there were about 15 items of J’Adore left, so I got my freebie and all I had to do was sign my name on a sign-in sheet.

But, after I finished, I figured I’d head home. Then the Macy’s employees mentioned that the other location (on the other end of the mall) were doing the giveaway there too and that people should go over there as well. So, since it was only 10:30, I said “why not?!”

After another 30 minutes, I left the mall with a J’Adore eau de parfum and a Calvin Klein Euphoria bath and shower creme. Y’all know I love me some CK Euphoria, and this will go great with the eau de toilette…once I buy it, that is.

On my way home, I stopped at CVS because I apparently can’t stay away from there. I showed up with yet another CG coupon from the Sunday paper and more CVS Extra Bucks. The more I buy from there, the more savings I get! So, I picked up 2 more colors of the Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain: Berry Smooch and Cinnamon Smile. I tried the Berry Smooch after dinner and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It’s not as pigmented as the colors I bought yesterday, so after blotting it was the perfect coverage for me. If I’m looking for a more dramatic look, I’ll choose the Plum Pout fo’ sho’! So I still need to try the Wild Berry Wink and Cinnamon Smile.

My only gripe about the CG Lipstain is that the shade is not printed on the product. It appears on the packaging, but after you take off that plastic cover, you get nada. All you get is the shade’s color. For instance, Berry Smooch is 405. I’m really not talented enough to memorize shade numbers and colors. I’d rather have the name. Fix this, Cover Girl!

And the rest of my day was literally occupied with watching CNN’s inaugural coverage. I got home right before noon, when the good shizzy started. I figured I’d watch Obama’s speech then take a nap because homegirl does NOT do mornings! I operate strictly on vampire time y’all. But what happened was that I watched CNN, with my mom, for 6 FREAKIN HOURS! I was totally sucked in and couldn’t get enough! And I was twittering away the entire time. Last night, I installed the UStream.tv iPhone app. I was able to watch the inauguration live on my iPhone using our RoadRunner WiFi. Bad. Ass.

There’s also a rumored ustream.tv video recording and streaming app on the horizon. I can’t wait for that! Especially since I’m dying for a video recording app and I’m not willing to jailbreak my iPhone.

Also, while I’ve enjoyed this wonderful Obama theme, it’s going to be replaced in the next day or two. Not sure if I’ll revert to the Snowman one or pick something completely different. You’ll all have to wait and see!

Man, what a day! Off to bed now. Funny that this turned into a diary entry haha