I went to the grocery store to pick up a commemorative copy/set of the inauguration issue of the Columbus Dispatch.

Naturally I had to walk by the makeup area and see what was up over there. While I wasn’t looking to buy anything, I did get one thing: Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Luxe. It’s new and claims to do all the things regular lash blast does plus add a shimmery effect. Sounds like their other newish product, Eyelights, but this one provides length and volume.

It wasn’t in the CG aisle. It had its own “new product” display which looks like so:

Last Blast is my HG mascara, so I was hopeful in testing this out. I tried it on my right eye, with the regular lash blast on the left eye. Saw absolutely no difference on my lashes. I saw the shimmer on the wand when I pulled it out of the tube, but couldn’t see any glimmer or sparkle on my lashes.

The product comes in a fee different shades. I chose black platinum, which is a silvery shade. Other options include a green, burgundy, and blue shimmer.

Now I’m not saying this product us a sham, but I saw no shimmer. I even took a picture and zoomed in to try and find the promised shimmer. Wasn’t there. Maybe that’s another side effect of being a woman of color. Maybe the advertised effect is more apparent on light skin/lashes/eyes. No clue! But will keep an eye out to see others’ reviews.

The only way I’d recommend this is if you don’t like that the regular Lash Blast tube is orange, and want a prettier color. Lash Blast Luxe’s tube is a pleasant shade of pink.

Also, while at Giant Eagle, I saw two new HiP products with super neat packaging. Check ’em out!

I’ve never heard of either of these products, which are the Color Presso Customizable Lip Gloss and Kohl Eyeliner. My eyes were immediately drawn to them. I mean, it looks like I could clip them on my keychain! How neat! And I love the packaging of the Color Presso gloss as well.

I could give the Eyeliner a shot. It looks promising and promises a “smokey look”. I’m not really looking for a gloss, since I seem to have latched onto the idea of stains and longwear lipcolors, but I could be tempted if the price is right. Besides, there’s almost always a BOGO for L’Oreal products at CVS. Couple that with the multiple coupons I have and we’ll have to see!

It’s funny that I find these new products at a grocery store before a place like CVS. Glad I always have my trusty iPhone with me!

ETA: Added links to products and other related posts. Can’t do everything with the iPhone WordPress app!

ETA Take 2: What wonderful luck! CVS is actually running a L’Oreal HiP BOGO this week! Talk about perfect timing. Now let’s hope they actually have this product in stock. When I went yesterday (and the day before), I was only looking for the Lipstain and nothing else, so I could have missed it. I’ll check it out!