CVS BOGO ALERT!But let me tell you why! I posted yesterday about possibly checking out that new L’Oreal HiP Kohl Eyeliner. I also added a little note onto the end and pointed out that CVS is doing a BOGO this week on HiP products.

I thought this was a perfect storm because I still have bonus Extra Care discounts and coupons for HiP products! And it would have been had CVS actually had these new HiP products in stock! I went to 2 different CVS stores and neither had the eyeliner or color presso available.

I ended up going to Target Boutique and there it was in its own special display. Couple that with seeing it at a grocery store yesterday, and I’m pretty sure that CVS is holding out on debuting this item until AFTER their HiP BOGO week is up. They probably think they’ll lose a lot of money since it’s a new product and they want customers to buy each and every tube without any freebies.

It’s a shame, though. I was salivating at the thought of getting a BOGO deal on this product. It could just be the greater Columbus area, but I doubt it. Has anyone seen these new HiP products at a CVS?