My dear friend Erika sent me her old iPod nano (she upgrade to the iPhone), so I am now ready to hit the road and start running again.

I have my own iPod, but it’s vintage. And by vintage, I mean the 1st generation iPod. I’m talking the very first version available when the iPod was debuted. That was a long, long, long time ago. This battery is damn near dead and lord only knows how many hoops I’d have to jump through in order to replace it. As it stands, I can only listen to my iPod when it’s plugged into a power source! So, I’m ok when I’m listening to it in bed or in my car. But it’s a different story when I try to go on a run or walk. Power lasts through about 4-5 songs, then cuts off. Unacceptable!

So, I can now dive into the ‘Couch to 5k’ program ASAP! And while I’m eternally thankful for Robert Ullery’s podcasts that go hand-in-hand for this plan, I’m kind of over the techno/house music he uses in them. I’m not alone. I’ve been to many a message board where posters are asking if there are any other podcasts that feature different music.

I’m not sure what tools Mr. Ullrey used to create his podcasts, but I’m seriously considering making my own set using some tunes I enjoy. How dope would it be to have an 80s set, a hip-hop set, and a cheesy teen pop set? Running is so much easier when you’re mind is distracted by music you truly enjoy! I feel like this could be a big hit on the net should I be able to pull it off. I’ll definitely see what I can put together!

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