When the playoffs started I openly stated that I wanted a throwback Lakers/Celtics final. I wasn’t certain it would pan out that way, but it has! I had all the faith in the world in the Lakers, but I wasn’t sure if the Celtics could pull it out. They dominated during the season, but the playoffs are a different beast.

Watching the Eastern Conference Finals, I was torn. On one hand I wanted the Celtics to win because that would make for a super entertaining final. The Spurs are good. We get it. But they’re so boring and make for low ratings. But I was also pulling for the Pistons because I knew I’d be able to drive up to Detroit and see some games with the ‘fam. So my motivation there was purely selfish.

So, now that it’s set, I’m picking the Lakers. And that’s not because I want my uncle to get his 10th NBA Championship ring. Yea, he’s pretty much a big deal. He’s been coaching with Phil for a long time, plus he as a ring from when he played for the Lakers, too. The Lakers are just on fire. They’ve come into their own this post-season and I don’t think the Celtics can take them. Hopefully my prediction comes to frution, because I want some new Lakers Championship swag for my collection!

The finals get underway next Thursday in Boston. Bring it!