I was super psyched to find out that there was an iPhone app that could print my photos directly to my HP printer! This app’s name? HP iPrint Photo. While it’s not something that I absolutely need in order to survive, I thought it was really cool! I mean, isn’t that really what the iPhone is all about?

Well, I followed all the directions with setting up my printer to share, but my dear ol’ iPhone could not detect my printer. I checked the reviews in the app store and saw there were others who were experiencing the same problems.

I hit up my dear friend, Google, to see what he could tell a sista. That led me to the HP support forum, where there was a pinned thread dedicated to the new iPrint app.

To my surprise, there was a poster with the exact same situation as mine, who had shared her difficulties with the app. She had the same computer, printer, and everything, as me! In a helpful response to her query, I learned that this app does not appear to work when the printer is shared in a Windows environment. So while I am able to share my printer with other computers is the house, that method does not work with the iPhone. Bummer, huh?

The HP iPrint Photo app simply was not meant to be.