'Time to get extreme baby!'

'Time to get extreme, baby!'

It’s that time again! What’s that, you ask? Time for another progress report as I continue to the ChaLEAN Extreme workout program.

I just finished Week 2 a couple of hours ago and I feel great!

The first week was pretty much feeling out the system so I’d know what to expect. This week I concentrated more on form, contracting muscles, and pushing myself as far as I could. Here’s how it went!

During week one, I erred on the side of caution and tended to go lighter on the weights than I probably should have, but that’s just because I didn’t preview any of the workouts all the way through, and didn’t want to risk injury.

This week, I pumped them up a little and I could definitely feel the burn; and what a wonderful burn it was! On some of the exercises that I used a 8 lb dumbell last week, I used a 10 lber this week. Last and this week I used a set of 15 lb weights for lower body work because that’s the heaviest I have. On Monday, I will be going to Meijer and picking up a pair of 20 lb dumbells.

I definitely feel I’m ready for the upgrade in weights. There are some other exercises that use just one weight and 15 didn’t seem like much of a challenge. I remember saying to myself “I wish I had a heavier dumbell for this”. Well, come Monday, I will! I think bringing it in for Week 3 of the Burn phase is a good idea.

As for how I feel, I definitely feel stronger. On some exercises where I was struggling during Week 1, I was much more solid during Week 2. Also, I did more push-ups (real ones) than the week before. I hope that trend continues! I feel so strong when I do push-ups right. It really is harder when you have long arms. You have a longer distance to go while lifting your body weight. It’s definitely tough!

I see progress in the cardio intervals as well. I wasn’t as out of breath. Definitely encouraging!

As for how I look, I may be a little crazy, but I actually do think I can tell a bit of a difference; especially in my mid-section. I thought it was a little odd given the fact that I haven’t really done any dedicated ab exercises save the “Ab Burner” DVD. It could be that I’m simply starting to burn off the fat that’s been hanging around my stomach for the past couple of years. That’s always been the hard part for me. I don’t really gain weight, but the little amount of extra weight I do have gets carried in my stomach, and only my stomach!

I also can already tell that my booty and back of my thighs are tighter. There’s a lot of squat/lunge compound exercises, and they are working! Also, my mother noted a little increase in the shape of my arms. That’s the first place on my body that shows muscle, so that doesn’t surprise me.

Doing the Recharge workout today was a real treat. It was nice last week, but felt even better this week. An extended stretch really does do a body good!

So, I’m still loving ChaLEAN Extreme and can’t wait until I can write the next post a week from now.

ETA: I wore my fave pair of skinny jeans to the movies tonight and noticed some extra room in them. Could it be 2 weeks of ChaLEAN Extreme? Maybe so!