Do Want!

Do Want!

I just keep adding to my wishlist! Sometimes I get these things and sometimes I don’t. If I get this particular item it probably won’t be for a long while because I’m not really concentrating on building up my winter footwear collection right now. Really, I just want winter to go away; far, far away!

A couple of years ago, Delia’s came out with a “sweater boot” that I absolutely fell in love with. It was black/gray knit and it was the first of its kind that I noticed. I promptly bought a pair for about $30. In the next 12 months I started to see more styles like this from multiple clothing and shoe companies. All were far more expensive than the pair I had purchased and still wear to this day! I vowed to get another pair someday and I now know which one I want!

Neiman Marcus sends my mom a catalog because they like to waste their time and money on someone who will never buy from them. She looks at it and then chucks it into the garbage. But she spotted a pair of cream crochet UGGs in one issue, dog-eared the page, and gave it to me.

What can I say? My mother knows me extremely well!

The boot comes in a variety of colors, but the cream one is the only one I want. I have brown, gray, and black boots already. And teal, pink, and purple just aren’t practical. Perhaps if I won the lottery.

So, I will set-up a deal alert at my beloved SlickDeals, so if the perfect deal comes along, I can snag myself a pair later this spring.

S/O: I’ll take this time to follow-up on my last WANTED post. Express has apparently sold out of the cute colors in that cotton high waist pencil skirt; and before I could go get one, of course! This happens every year with Express! Last year I was obsessed with a cute white pleated skirt. I didn’t have the funds, but when I did, it was already gone! I should just not look at their site/mailings until I have money because it always ends up in disappointment! Guess I’ll stick with American Apparel for pencil skirts. While I don’t want all of them to be jersey material, at least they don’t discontinue styles or run out after only a couple of weeks. That’s just cruel! Thumbs down, Express! I expected more from a company I used to work for!