'Time to get extreme, baby!'

'Time to get extreme, baby!'

I’ve completed another successful week of ChaLEAN Extreme. The more I do this workout program the more I like it.

This was the first week I incorporated my newly purchased 20 lb dumbbells into the workouts, and I continue to feel stronger. Chalene repeats herself many times, encouraging us that we’re probably stronger than we think we are and can go even heavier. After this week, I’m even more of a believer!

I still love that I’m doing something different every day. And while the cycle repeats for 4 consecutive weeks, the variety is great! I really think it is shocking my body. I’m not unlike a lot of women; I am critical of my body. I know when I gain weight (which doesn’t happen often), I know when I lose weight (usually when I travel), and I know when parts of my body start to take shape through muscle definition.

I’m not one of those people who live and die by the scale. I rarely weight myself, because that’s not how I measure my fitness. And especially so when I’m doing a workout program that places a heavy emphasis on weight training. I look in the mirror, see how my clothes fit, and sometimes use tape measurements if I’m truly that curious.

In last week’s update, I noted that my fave pair of EXPRESS skinny jeans were fitting a little looser. I didn’t purposely try on any tighter-fitting clothing this week. However, I did notice, a couple of times, that there was a little more room in my jeans and cords. And again, I am still noticing that my stomach is a little flatter. It’s easy to see when I’m getting dressed and what not.

But the most noticeable change I keep noting are my arms. I don’t have to flex to see the improvement there. I even noticed definition in a picture I took. Last, but not least, my hamstrings keep getting firmer, and my glutes are more lifted! There is no more soreness like I had during Week 1, but I can feel when I’ve worked them properly.

I’m not going to lie. I love, love, love being able to see progress. It’s very encouraging!

Much like last week, I increased the weight load in about 90% of the exercises. 8s were replaced with 10s, 10s with 12s, 12s with 15s, and 15s with 20s almost all the way across the board. There were some exercises where I didn’t increase, and those were the ones that I was already using a heavy enough weight, in line with what Chalene was using for those specific moves (10 lbs).

As far as cardio intervals and muscle endurance, I noticed an improvement there as well. In Burn Intervals, in particular. For the shoulder press “recovery” set, I made it all the way though without taking any short breaks. Last week, I may have sat a rep out here and there. Not this week! Same with the modified bicep curls/lifts (sorry, don’t know what they’re “officially” called). They were tough — as were the tricep extensions and lateral raises — but I did them! Progress!

And my favorite Chalene quote from the workouts I’ve done so far comes from Burn Intervals during one of the bicep tracks. It goes as follows:

“We’re doing a bazillion reps cuz we’re working on endurance today…A bazillion. Is that a number? It is todaaaaay! … And you can brag about it too. Next person you run into you can say ‘guess what? I just did a bazillion bicep curls! … How many did you do? None? Oh, that’s what I thought!'”

Typing that out just doesn’t emphasize how funny it is mid-workout. It’s in Chalene’s delivery. I know it’s coming every week, and I still laugh out loud every time! I hope there are some more gems like that in the 11 workouts I haven’t done yet!

I’m half tempted to do Level 3 of 30 Day Shred just to guage my progress thus far. I’ll have to see! I don’t want to overdo it now that everything is going so well!

Anyway, that’s my Week 3 update! I think that’s all I have to say. I’m still diggin’ ChaLEAN Extreme and I don’t see that changing! After I write next week’s update, I will start previewing the PUSH phase of the program with 4 new workouts being subbed into the rotation.