But not really! It’s basically the 3 column version of the one I already had up. It’s also optimized for Google adsense, but I don’t have ads up on here…not yet anyway. I’ll keep an open mind, but I just don’t see the point right now!

Anyway, the reason behind the switch was that I have more to share! If you look on the far right sidebar, there are some Delicious links. I’ve started bookmarking interesting things that I don’t necessarily want to blog about. It’s especially easy from my iPhone thanks to the Yummy app! Seriously, though. I keep finding apps that cut down on my computer time. It’s insane! So anyway, you can see that fresh content over there.

I’ll probably experiment with some other things in the coming weeks. Rest assured that I’ll let you know if I find any other great add-ons for the site!