Everyone remembers some of the early iPhone app ads, especially the one spotlighting Shazam, the app that identifies songs for you that you may not recognize or know the name of.

I’m not going to lie. Cool apps like that are part of the reason I dumped my Sidekick and got an iPhone. There’s just so much you can do on the iPhone! You get as much out of it as you decide to put in (or purchase).

Thankfully, in the case of Shazam, the app is completely free. I’ve had it downloaded for a while, but really haven’t used it. That was until today.

The latest iPod Touch commercial (More Fun – “The Funnest iPod ever”) that promotes all the new Games in the app store uses a song that I’ve never heard of. I know Apple uses under-the-radar songs for their ads, but I was curious as to which one they used in this commercial. I know I could have just Googled it, but this was the perfect opportunity to test out the app. Besides, how ironic would it have been if Shazam hadn’t been able to identify this song?

Well, I didn’t have to worry about it. I held up my phone to the TV and after a few seconds, it vibrated and tracked down the song for me. The song is “No You Girls” by Franz Ferdinand. Well done, Shazam, well done.

P.S. Notice how I used a LinkShare link in here? The plugin is already coming in handy!