Welcome to the mind of Suz. Don’t think too much and enjoy the laughs because I keeps it real.

I run about a million different sites, but I have a lot of interests that aren’t covered with those sites. So I wanted an outlet for all of those other things; hence my own personal blog. I’ve owned his domain for a while. “Kiss my black ass” is definitely a phrase that comes out of my mouth a lot. It’s been funny seeing the search engine hits looking for “black ass” come in. I bet those people are extremely disappointed, but what can I say? Fooled ya! Thanks for the hit!

Having this personal blog may also cut down on the sites I start. On the other hand, it could increase them as well. I’ll just have to see this all plays out. If I start posting about those people/sports/events that I don’t have sites on and it becomes popular, ya never know! I’m always open to new websites!

If you want a quick rundown of things I like, here it is: my family, Ohio State Buckeyes, music, football, iPhones, social media, Olympics, fitness, working out, cats, technology, makeup, and more!

Also, you should know that this website is monetized through various avenues. Sometimes it’s ads, which you can actually see and click on, and other times it is content like a blog post. I’ll always disclose which posts are sponsored, but all the words and thoughts are mine unless it’s a guest post. I will not write, on behalf of an advertiser, something I do not believe or mislead you to think I endorse something I do not. I keep it real around here, paid post or not. Always believe that! You can find all my “sponsored” or paid posts in the sponsored category (LINK). If I don’t like something, or think it’s a scam, I’ll tell you. I’m not a sheep!

It’s been interesting, and exhilarating, to see this site grow in popularity, the way it has in the past few years. I attribute that mostly to my popular Couch to 5k podcasts. I had the same idea others had, and I jumped into action! I’m so happy to have created something that’s made a positive different in people’s lives!

Quite of few of you have contributed, monetarily, to the effort of my podcast-productions, and you should know that you are forever a member of my “Hall of Fame“. Thank you!

And thank you, for visiting my little corner on the web! I appreciate your attention and time. Don’t be a stranger!