Women’s Shorts Are Having A Moment at the 2018 Australian Open

Long time no see, right?

Well I was summoned from my fall/winter slumber by fashion; women’s sports fashion at that.

A few years ago, you only saw one athlete on the WTA Tour wearing shorts during their tennis matches. That was Victoria Azarenka. And sis was working those shorts too. After a match between Serena and Vika, Vika said she’d get Serena a pair of shorts since Serena kept complimenting her pair.

Now, just a couple of years later, errrrrybody is rocking shorts! Nike and Adidas both got the memo and I am so here for it! Adidas even seems to have given the ladies culottes. (Does anyone else call them that? I never called them skorts. My mama called them culottes, so I call them culottes)

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The Limited Trolled Me Today


I was incredibly excited when The Limited Twitter account posted a picture of their new arrivals. Why? Feast your eyes on that beautiful bright green pencil skirt above! It’s a beauty, isn’t it?

I reposted the picture stating that the skirt would be mine. The Limited even retweeted my statement and the wheels were set in motion.

When I finally turned on my computer, I clicked the link to the new arrivals, so I could get a good look at it, as well as the price. Stand procedure, right?

Well, I scrolled up and down that page and never saw the skirt I fell in love with this afternoon. Well, I saw it, but it wasn’t the same as the one shared on Twitter.


We live in an era where photo filters are king. Just look at the success of Instagram. We slap a filter on almost every photo we take. It seems that The Limited altered the picture they shared, because the green I was salivating over is completely different than the shade of green for sale on their website. The green is identical to the green pencil skirt I scored from Express a few years ago. (Below)

It's pretty. It's so, so pretty!

I don’t need to get another standard green pencil skirt. I would have been alllllll over that bright, almost neon/lime green skirt, though.

The search continues!

ETA: The Limited’s Facebook page shows the true coloring of the skirt. So, they only pulled a fast one on Twitter users.

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Thanks, Les Wexner! xoxo Buckeye Nation


A month and a half ago, I pleaded with Les Wexner, the head of Limited Brands (Victoria’s Secret) to expand the Victoria’s Secret Pink Collegiate line to include Ohio State. Since Mr. Wexner had recently stepped down from the Ohio State University Board of Trustees — which apparently provided a “conflict of interest” — he was now free to get ‘er done. And he has!

The Columbus Dispatch reported yesterday that Ohio State would be added to the Pink Collegiate line beginning today, December 11, 2012. Awwwwwwzyeah!

It’s such a fine line when it comes to women’s sports apparel. Most of the time, we’re either ignored (cool t-shirts only offered in Men’s sizes) or they stick some sequins on a tank and market it to us. Real women sports fans don’t need pretty colors or bling in order to wear items from a sports clothing line. Do we want it to look cute? Well, obviously! But that can be accomplished without frills, patterns, shiny things, and the actual color pink. I think Victoria’s Secret does this well. Their designs are simple, yet stylish. Yes, the price tag is steep, but what did you expect from VSPink?

Buckeye Ladies, and any men who want to get the female Buckeye in their life a little somethin’ somethin’, click here to check out the offerings. They’re available online and in select stores.

I’m trying to decide which piece I want first. Thanks, Les!

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Dear Les Wexner: Time to Turn VS PINK Scarlet & Gray!

VS PINK Collegiate Line

When Victoria’s Secret launched its PINK Collegiate line, 4 years ago, the young women of Central Ohio (the Worldwide Headquarters of this company) were shocked to see that The Ohio State University was not on the list of participating schools. This was also a bit surprising because the founder of Victoria’s Secret, Les Wexner, is an Ohio State grad and was a member of the school’s Board of Trustees.

At the time, we were given the following explanation, via The Columbus Dispatch:

“We wanted to be careful, because Mr. Wexner is a sitting member of the board of trustees,” said Rick Van Brimmer, director of trademarks and licensing for OSU. “As a state-supported school, we have to be cautious about conflict-of-interest issues.”

We collectively grumbled afterwards, but understood. We wouldn’t want anyone to get in trouble although it was hard to see the Buckeyes’ most hated rival, from that state up north, on the list of schools with custom collegiate PINK gear. Heck, the only Ohio school is the University of Cincinnati. Um, ok…

Four years later, and Les Wexner has now resigned from Ohio State’s Board of Trustees. So it seems that “conflict of interest” is no longer an issue, now is it?

All I can do is hope that somewhere along the chain of command, that this situation has been or will be revisited. Buckeye fans, in general, wear their OSU clothing with pride. On any given day, any time of the year, you will see the people of Central Ohio wearing Scarlet and Gray. I’ve had friends visit and they’re always shocked at how many people wear Buckeye themed clothing. I believe one even suggested that it was the official uniform of the city. I can’t argue! There is scarlet and gray everywhere you look, so finally making this line available to the company’s founding city would be a great business move, in my opinion.

So, Les, if you’re out there, please make this happen! We’re counting on you! GO BUCKS!

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I’m Feeling Bold & Bright Colors This Spring!

Not that we usually have real “Spring” around these parts (we usually go from Winter directly to Summer), but the thermostat peaked at 70 degrees today and got me thinking about Spring fashion! I know this is a trap because it will be Winter again soon, but the future will not ruin my current good mood!

I usually can’t wait to bust out all the cute skirts, dresses, and tanks when the weather gets warm, but, in the past, I’ve leaned towards the light and pastel colors in Spring. That is not going to happen this year! I full intend on being bold and bright with my wardrobe! And all the colored jeans/pants that are filling up the web pages of my favorite clothing retailers is just fueling the situation.

I have bright t-shirts, and even 2 bold pencil skirts (in yellow and green). I’ve written a lot about that green one. I was on the hunt for that sucka! But now I want bright pants too!

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I Survived Jason Wu!

Jason Wu for Target

Welp, the Jason Wu for Target Collection has pretty much come and gone, but I got my dress and lived to tell about it!

It turned out that I didn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn and camp out at my local Target! I was so thankful, because y’all probably would have heard about ya girl being locked up for cutting a bish trying to take the last size 4 or something.

I was pretty much camped out on the Target Style Facebook page for the better part of Saturday night. That move paid dividends! First of all, the Target employee who was manning the page, was responding very quickly to everyone’s questions and concerns. I thought that was very great move, from a customer service/PR point of view.

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