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AMC Theatres Joins the Movie Subscription Game!

Last September, I wrote a post about MoviePass. It was only a few weeks after MoviePass dropped their price to $9.95/month and sent jolts through the movie industry. At the time, I was seriously considering signing up. I had some reservations due to some initial reviews I’d read, so I was waiting out the initial sign-up period to see if MoviePass would stabilize after the sudden influx of new subscribers.

By all accounts, it did. AMC Theatres stopped balking at the idea and committed to accepting MoviePass cards. After all, they couldn’t block all Mastercards could they? I even proclaimed that if AMC was still accepting MoviePass cards by the holiday movie season, I would be signing up.

But guess what? I never did. And let me tell you why.

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The Limited Trolled Me Today


I was incredibly excited when The Limited Twitter account posted a picture of their new arrivals. Why? Feast your eyes on that beautiful bright green pencil skirt above! It’s a beauty, isn’t it?

I reposted the picture stating that the skirt would be mine. The Limited even retweeted my statement and the wheels were set in motion.

When I finally turned on my computer, I clicked the link to the new arrivals, so I could get a good look at it, as well as the price. Stand procedure, right?

Well, I scrolled up and down that page and never saw the skirt I fell in love with this afternoon. Well, I saw it, but it wasn’t the same as the one shared on Twitter.


We live in an era where photo filters are king. Just look at the success of Instagram. We slap a filter on almost every photo we take. It seems that The Limited altered the picture they shared, because the green I was salivating over is completely different than the shade of green for sale on their website. The green is identical to the green pencil skirt I scored from Express a few years ago. (Below)

It's pretty. It's so, so pretty!

I don’t need to get another standard green pencil skirt. I would have been alllllll over that bright, almost neon/lime green skirt, though.

The search continues!

ETA: The Limited’s Facebook page shows the true coloring of the skirt. So, they only pulled a fast one on Twitter users.

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I’m Feeling Bold & Bright Colors This Spring!

Not that we usually have real “Spring” around these parts (we usually go from Winter directly to Summer), but the thermostat peaked at 70 degrees today and got me thinking about Spring fashion! I know this is a trap because it will be Winter again soon, but the future will not ruin my current good mood!

I usually can’t wait to bust out all the cute skirts, dresses, and tanks when the weather gets warm, but, in the past, I’ve leaned towards the light and pastel colors in Spring. That is not going to happen this year! I full intend on being bold and bright with my wardrobe! And all the colored jeans/pants that are filling up the web pages of my favorite clothing retailers is just fueling the situation.

I have bright t-shirts, and even 2 bold pencil skirts (in yellow and green). I’ve written a lot about that green one. I was on the hunt for that sucka! But now I want bright pants too!

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Will I Regret Yearning for Jason Wu?

Jason Wu for Target

So, you may or may not have heard that Target has teamed with another celebrity designer and will release a special, limited edition line beginning tomorrow. This time around that designer is Jason Wu. (Probably known by most non-fashionistas as the man who designed Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress back in 2008).

Target had another release, for Missoni, back in the fall and it was utter chaos. I’m not into the Missoni look (far too crazy for my fashion tastes), but from all accounts, pandemonium isn’t even a strong enough word for how that release went off. People camped out for hours, fought each other in-store, and the website crashed many, many times before ultimately selling out of items. A lot of the people who managed to get their hands on the products, first, only did so for eBay resale purposes. In doing so, they robbed real shoppers of the opportunity to buy for the Target price. eBay mark up was often times twice or even 3 times as much. Buying an item from the real Missoni line would be cheaper, thus defeating the purpose of the Target partnership. Basically, it was a hot ass mess!

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DQ Pumpkin Pie Blizzard Here Until Xmas?

A few weeks ago, I discovered the glorious-ness that is Dairy Queen’s Pumpkin Pie Blizzard. Reading up on it, it seems to have debuted in 1991. Where the hell was I? I was in middle school (yes, aging myself) and there was a DQ directly across the street from my school. We pretty much lived at the DQ. It was our main hang out!

Made with pumpkin pie mix and pieces of flaky pie crust blended with creamy DQ vanilla soft-serve and capped with whipped topping and a sprinkle of nutmeg, the chilly fall treat is available at all Dairy Queen and DQ Grill & Chill restaurants nationwide beginning Oct. 1.

If I had known then what I know now…

Anyway, if you visit the DQ website, it lists the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard as the “Blizzard of the Month”. Now, I only discovered this wonderful treat a few weeks ago and they’re going to take it away after 1 month?

Not so fast… I went back to DQ today to get a couple more, mini-sized of course, and I asked the driv-thru attendant. He said that they simply start selling them in October & will continue to do so until they run out, probably around CHRISTMAS!! So, no need to panic! Even if he exaggerated how long it’d be available, clearly The Pumpkin Pie Blizzard should be around longer than just October!

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Wanted: A Full CuteNews to WordPress Migration Tool

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a handly little WordPress plugin which allowed me to convert a CuteNews installation to WordPress. I tested it out on an older site I have and it worked ok. I really just wanted everything switched over and that happened. All the posts and categories were intact. That was good.

The bad part is that all the HTML was completely stripped from all the posts. EVERYTHING! If I linked to an outside article, it was gone. If I wrote a multi-paragraph update, the formatting was taken out and it appeared as one big blob of a post. Not a good look. If I embedded pictures or a thumbnail in the post, that was no longer in there either. I’ve also read that only the CN “short-story” gets transferred over, and not the full entry. That’s not good for me either. Basically, if you used CuteNews as a text-only news script, using Other-Ext-WP is perfect.

However, I have another website that uses CuteNews. I’ve had it for nearly 5 years and it provides a lot of news and media updates. Having the HTML stripped out of it is not an option. I am dying for a way to have all of that content converted over to WordPress ASAP. I’ve Googled and taken a look around the web trying to find a solution. Nothing I’ve tried has worked.

So, if anyone knows a step-by-step guide to migrate a blog from CuteNews to WordPress or a person who knows how to do this task, please, please, please let me know! I’m even willing to pay. I just don’t want to lose all my hard work or spend a ridiculous amount of time “fixing” all the posts. 5 years of work is a lot!

Someone really should develop a tool or something. I mean, they could make a killing because there are a lot of people, like me, who are desperate to switch, but just don’t want to lose all of their work!

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