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There’s A Williams Sister Documentary?

Venus and Serena

A lot of movie trailers, I’ve been anticipating, have been released lately. (Still waiting for the Catching Fire teaser, though!) Yesterday I got to see the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones trailer came out and was amazing! Today, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters came out.

So, while I was on YouTube, I started browsing through other recently released trailers and saw one for a Venus and Serena Williams documentary! Say WHAT?!?! How long has this been in the works? And why did none of y’all tell me?! You know how much I stan for the Williams Sisters!

Anyway, it’s called Venus and Serena and I Googled to find out as much information as I could. Info like its Facebook page and website. I also learned that it’s getting an on-demand release on Thursday, as well as a theater release on May 10th. I want to see it on the big screen, so you know I was white knuckling because this movie screams “limited release.” And knowing my luck, well you know. And there would be hell to pay if it I can’t see it live! Y’all hear me?

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Is Bad Boys 3 Really Going to Happen?

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

I know many of you don’t care, but I dooooooo!

Any time I meet or see someone with the last name “Lowrey”, I have to bust out a “He’s Mike Looowwwwwrrey” in my best Martin Lawrence voice. You know the part!

And when someone drives like crap, but suddenly gets it together, I share an enthusiastic “Now that’s how you supposed to drive! From now on that’s how you drive!” Don’t judge me! I love my black-centric action movies!

Anyway, after Bad Boys 2 came and went in the theaters, we heard rumblings of a 3rd installment, but no official word. That was 2003, folks! reports that super producer Jerry Bruckheimer had the following to say re: Bad Boys 3:

“It’s a wish and a hope and a dream. We’ve been working on a screenplay, which is excellent. It’s an idea Will gave us, so hopefully, it will come to fruition, we would love it to.”

I’m not taking this news as confirmation that it will definitely happen, but it’s nice to see that they’re working on one of my favorite action movie franchises. Now, hurry the hell up guys!

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