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Slice of Columbus 2012

In my increasing effort to get out and experience more of the really cool events that my hometown has to offer (Why didn’t I make this my New Year’s Resolution?), I hit up the annual “Slice of Columbus” charity event. The best pizza vendors in the city set up booths, and for $12 it’s all you can eat pizza to benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Win-win, right?

I was planning on going last year, but a certain controversial R&B singer was doing a show in Cincinnati, and I attended that instead. This year, I made it to Slice, with my brother, and we feasted y’all!

I discovered a number of new pizza places I’d never heard of. I even solicited recommendations, via Twitter, as to what I should check out. There were 15 vendors on hand, and we all know there’s no way I could fit a minimum of 15 slices of pizza in my stomach. There were 2 places I’d already sampled before, so I skipped them. All in all, my Top 3 were:

1. Little Sicily’s
2. Shirky’s Pizza Zone
3. Romeo’s Pizza

We got to vote on which pizza we thought was the best and for the 4th year in a row, Romeo’s won People’s Choice. I can’t complain. It was delicious. I even think I might be able to talk my Dad into trying it. That’s huge! These pizza places will now be added to a list that includes La Rosa’s, from the Greater Cincinnati area. Whenever I’m down there, I make it a point to stop in and enjoy some pizza pie!

The turnout at Slice of Columbus was fantastic! It was a beautiful day with nothing but blue skies over downtown Columbus. In addition to the pizza, there was a live band playing as well as Dairy Queen desserts and adult beverages. They even had some some activities and rides set of for the kids. Smart!

But I think what surprised me the most was the fact they were handing out large pizza boxes and letting folks go through lines and fill them up! Yes, it was all-you-can-eat, but apparently it was also “all you can fit in this box and carry home!” Seriously, if you’re anywhere near Central Ohio in mid-September, put this event on your list!

Check out some of my pictures below!

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Want to Try and See BalletMet’s Nutcracker This Year

I’ve mentioned, a time or two, that I’ve got a dancing background. To be specific, I’m referring to ballet. I broke my leg, at age 3, falling off a Radio Flyer wagon and had to rehab/re-learn how to walk. The doctors told my parents that I needed to do either gymnastics, ballet, or swimming, in order to make sure that I didn’t develop a limp later in life. I chose ballet, and danced, rather happily, for nearly 10 years at Columbus Ohio’s BalletMet.

I remember trying out for the Nutcracker, when I was a student there, and how exciting it all was! I never got selected for any parts (my mom has her own theory about why I never made the roster, but I won’t get into it. Let’s just say that politics played a part.)

Anywho, I’ve been wanting to catch a showing of the annual Nutcracker production for years now, and haven’t been able to make it! I’m not sure this year is the year for that, but I’m certainly going to try! If not, then definitely next year!

Here’s a snippet of this year’s production press release:

The quintessential holiday event, BalletMet Columbus presents The Nutcracker, Dec. 10-26, 2010 at the historic Ohio Theatre. The production is a special experience for both the young and the young at heart with exciting classical ballet performed by a talented cast of more than 100 professional Company and student dancers, larger-than-life characters, and recorded narration by Sir Roger Moore. Plus, this season’s production will feature new sets and costumes for Act I, the Columbus Symphony performing Tchaikovsky’s score live, and Hilliard Davidson Madrigals and the Bexley High School Vocal Ensemble singing in select performances. New sets have been designed and built for the Stahlbaum family’s holiday party. And 18 new Snowflake costumes have been constructed by the BalletMet Costume Shop for the snow scene at the end of Act I.

BalletMet’s The Nutcracker has enchanted generations in Central Ohio for more than 30 years and continues to be a centerpiece in Columbus’ holiday festivities. This season’s magical production, conceived by BalletMet Artistic Director Gerard Charles and theater artist Robert Post, features BalletMet’s 25 professional Company dancers, five trainees and 138 Dance Academy student dancers. The Company will present 15 public performances and three Morning at the Ballet shows for school groups. BalletMet will also tour the production to Syracuse, N.Y., for its second engagement with the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra.

Shoutout to the Hillard Davidson Madrigals 😉 – my old high school, even though I was an orchestra girl, not a choir girl. It’s all about the arts, baby!

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Local Jingle Ball Leaves Much to be Desired

I’d like to take you back. Way back. Back into time. Remember when radio station Jingle Balls used to be good? I’m talking really loaded lineups full of artists people were dying to see. And in cities other than LA & NY; they still get the headliners. Those days are long gone.

Look what local Columbus (OH) radio station WNCI is advertising for their Jingle Ball this year.

Yay? I remember traveling to Philly for one of these back in the day. I even attended one in St. Louis. With lineups like this, I’ll be staying home!


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My Thoughts on Columbus City Council Passing Texting Ban

No texting while driving in ColumbusI’ve already shared my concerns for the then-proposed texting ban that the Columbus City Council was mulling over. Well, the proposal has now become a reality, but I’m still left with as many questions as before.

Reports have the law taking effect in 30 days, provided Mayor Michael Coleman signs off; which I believe he will. The ban allows police officers to pull over drivers JUST for texting. So, they don’t have to have another reason to pull you over and ticket you. I don’t like that all, especially given the vague wording of this ban (so far). A ticket will cost you $150.

Immediately after the news broke, I sent a reply to the 10TV news reporter asking about being at a red or if I was simply holding my iPhone. On a commercial break, he responded to my tweet stating:

@suzdawg you’re asking questions everybody’s asking. it may be difficult to police. #textingwhiledriving

Being “difficult to police” is one way to look at it. I see it more as being easy to abuse. I don’t like police having the power to make discretionary decisions like this. With the popularity of smart phones, you could be doing a million different things that aren’t necessarily texting. You could even be dialing a number to call, not text, someone. It’s also hazardous, but so far, not illegal here. Should the ban have been “no phone use will driving/operating a vehicle” instead? At least that would be more clear.

I mean, should you contest your ticket, it would be the officer’s word against yours (on whether you were texting or not), and we all know it’s damn near impossible to win a case when it’s “he said, she said”. Plus, how would you prove, in court, that you weren’t texting?

I hate to think so negatively on this, but until I get more info, I feel like Columbus City Council passed this ban as a new method to drum up more income for the city. I don’t like that at all.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am very happy that there is a texting ban. Texting while physically operating a vehicle is very, very dangerous and I’ve seen many a near-accident involving people texting or simply talking on their phones. I just need more details on this particular law. I don’t text, or really doing anything other than skip a song, while my car is moving. I feel like that’s a very important distinction.

NBC4 has the following in their story on the passing of this ordinance:

The law would also prohibit surfing the web on a phone while driving along with virtually all interaction with a mobile device aside from talking on it.

*side eye* Everything except talking? So this isn’t really just a “texting ban”, now is it? I really need to see the full language of this bill. I have GPS and an iPod on my phone…

ETA: So, I found the full language of the ordinance and whether or not I have an issue with it hinges on the following section:

This ordinance effectively prohibits the use of a mobile communication device to read, write or send text messages while driving, and likewise, the use any said device to send, read, create, play or interact with internet-based content.

The ordinance does provide an exception for persons using a phone or other mobile communication device to report a health or safety emergency, and it does not apply to any person using a mobile communications device in a vehicle while the vehicle is stopped and removed from the flow of traffic. The ordinance does not prohibit the use of mobile communication devices by passengers.

Now, I thought the highlighted portion meant that operating your phone while at a red light or behind a train was ok, but a friend of mine interpreted “removed from the flow of traffic” as pulled over on the side of the road. I hope my understanding is the correct one, rather than hers because otherwise this is going to cause a lot of problems!

Local news stations are reporting that the police department already thinks it’s going to be hard to police this issue, and are going to concentrate on education. Yea, I’ll believe that when I see it. In the meantime, I hope some of the local media get us answers to some of these questions before the law goes into effect in 30 days.

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