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So Bare Minerals Was On QVC Yesterday…

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Y’all know whenever Bare Minerals gets shown on QVC, I’m watching. My struggles with whether or not to purchase are well documented here. So, let me tell you how it went down this time around…

They promoted this weekend’s shows as all brand new products. Grrrrrreat. That meant the odds of my seeing something I might want will go up! I braced myself for some major damage.

The first show was last night at midnight. They started with some deluxe sized facial care products that I don’t care about. But then they introduced their Ready Mineral Veil in some new shades. There’s a Deep/Dark shade now! I had to fight the power because I really like their MV powder. It cuts down on shine and makes you look all airbrushed and pretty! I have a deluxe sized jar, in the original (super light shade), that I’ve been working on forever. But you can’t really take those jars with you. So, instead, I bought Black Opal’s Invisible Oil Blocking Pressed Powder, and keep that in my purse. While, the new pressed MV excites me, I know that it isn’t a limited edition product. It will be around. I will add it to my Bare Minerals list, along with Stroke of Light.

I saw an eye quad that was tempting until I remembered I bought a pretty similar eyeshadow palette (8-pan) in The Star Treatment. So, I scratched that off the list.

Then I was also tempted by their deluxe sized PrimeTime tinted primer. I could see myself wearing that to try and even out my complexion a little, while also controlling oil in my T-zone. Most days I don’t even wear makeup (mostly because I’m lazy), but I could throw this primer on, quickly, and go about my day. Didn’t feel like buying this item today, but if I see it there, in a month or so, I may take the plunge. It goes on the maybe list for now.

But then QVC brought out the big guns: Lip Quickies. This product is only available via QVC. Or so they say. I’ve never looked for them at a boutique, so I guess I’ll believe them. I was probably about a day or 2 away from getting this set of Lip Quickies, back in May. I still might. They are still available and the price is the same. The reason I didn’t get them, back then, was because I saved my coins in order to buy my two backup charges.

Today’s Lip Quickies item was a One-Time-Only special, which meant they were limited in quantity and priced to sell! (They sold out within minutes) They came with a cute clutch and everything! And QVC offered it (which was similarly priced to the May item) in 2 Easy Pay payments! They almost had me! Then I looked at the actual shades, and how they looked on the models. Two or three of the shades looked a little light for me. My lips aren’t the light pink that the fairer-skinned models are, so the lighter colored quickies probably wouldn’t show up on my lips. The May colors were brights that were on trend for spring. A lot of people complained they were too bright. That wouldn’t be an issue with my lips. And that is ultimately why I didn’t pull the trigger on the new set. And now they’re sold out!

QVC didn’t offer any brush sets, which I’m a sucker for, so there was no temptation there. I guess that’s good since I’ve been eyeballing the new Limited Edition Sonia Kashuk brush sets.

So, I made it through another Bare Minerals presentation without buying anything. We’ll see if that holds true when they return to QVC in early September. Challenge accepted!

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Review: Milani Color Statement Lipsticks

My Milani Color Statement Lipstick Collection... So Far

Last month I shared that I had won a Twitter contest that saw me receive 4 Milani Color Statement lipsticks and a lip liner. It was great luck as I had heard a lot of good things about the product and was wanting to try it anyway. So, this was the perfect opportunity!

The day I got my lippies, I slapped one of those suckas on my lips, the second I got back inside after gathering the mail. My kneejerk response was that I really liked them. But I wanted to give it a little more attention and wear than that.

So, since then, I’ve been rotating through them, and I’ve even bought a few more. (Y’all know I have a serious makeup hoarding problem, right?) So, now my collection is shades strong. I own Bronze Beauty, Best Red, Black Cherry, Flirty Fuchsia (the ones I won), as well as Flamingo Pose, Orange-Gina, Sweet Nectar, and Uptown Mauve. I wore Uptown Mauve today.

These lipsticks are extremely pigmented. One swipe and you have a lot of color already on your lips. I love that! They last a good amount of time, too. I didn’t ever time it, or anything, but a very long time considering it’s not marketed as a “long wear” lipstick, and doesn’t have the texture of one, either. It feels light and creamy, even though some of the shades are strictly matte or shimmery.

I don’t feel these dry your lips out; instead they sort of feel moisturizing. Basically, the formula is a winner. I didn’t notice any feathering, and it didn’t draw extra attention to fine lines or dryness on your lips. (As a general rule, I like to keep my lips nice and exfoliated whenever I use lipstick, so I can’t expand very much) And when the vibrancy of the color begins to fade, it leaves behind a very nice and natural stain on your lips. I had Uptown Mauve on most of the afternoon and evening today. I even worked out, showered, and ate spaghetti with it on. I call that quite a test!

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Bare Minerals Was On QVC 5 Times This Weekend


Bare Minerals was the Today’s Special Value all day Saturday (April 20th) and so, Bare Minerals was on air 5 times in a 24 hour period. I’m not even ashamed to admit that I watched 90% of all of those shows too. You don’t know me! Actually, you guys do. Very well. Just search “Bare Minerals” on this blog and you’ll see how much I talk about them.

Anywhoooo, I never buy the major products or TSV sets. There’s always a bunch of stuff I don’t want, and even though they offer killer deals, I still never jump. That didn’t change this weekend. As of this post, I still haven’t bought anything since January’s raiding of my bank account. Actually, it didn’t even do that much damange. I bought a $20 brush set off of QVC and a super discounted 8-color eyeshadow palette for $21 (regularly $40) in my local boutique. See, not bad?

Last month, QVC hosted Bare Minerals for a couple of shows and they premiered a lip product that really caught my attention: double-ended Lip Quickies! The dubbed “Modern Florals” collection contain three bright and vibrant spring colors, 3 more muted colors, and a super cute bag (with an attached mirror). I perked up when they showed it, but I wasn’t at a place where I could splurge, even though the total, with shipping, would only be $33.59.

They showed the Modern Floral Lip Quickies again over the weekend and the price is still the same. Considering one solo Lip Quickie is $19, it’s a great value. I’m now in a position to purchase, but I still haven’t pulled the trigger. Why?

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What I Won: Flower Beauty Color Play Creme Eyeshadow


I’ve been on a nice little run lately, when it comes to winning Twitter contests featuring makeup. I never win anything. Seriously. But I’ve won two contests in the past month, thanks to Milani Cosmetics and Flower Beauty, Drew Barrymore’s new makeup line.

Last week I got my package from Milani, containing 4 of their new Color Statement Lipsticks and one liner. (I’m currently testing them, and a review is on the way. So far, I love them!) A couple of days ago I got Color Play Creme Eyeshadow from Flower Beauty. The packaging was super cute. The shadow was wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper and they even included a letter! Adorable!

I’m going to keep entering contests, but if I don’t win any more, I’ll still think this run was amazing! Just think of how many people are on Twitter!

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Thinking About A New Project…


My Facebook posts, where I lament the selection of dark makeup shades from certain beauty brands, seem to get quite the response. Instead of being redundant here, I’m thinking about starting a separate blog where I only talk about the need for more shades. It could include commentary, calls to actions, pictures, and other related content.

I haven’t decided whether or not to do a self-hosted or blog, Tumblr, or just a Facebook page for this project. I guess it depends on if others feel there’s an audience for it and would read/visit. I know there’s a niche out there — and to my knowledge, no one is addressing this head on — but I’d rather not bother if it’s all going to be a waste of time.

If you fall into this category where you wish there were darker makeup shades (or even lighter, as I know that’s a problem too; even if I’m not familiar with it), would you visit? And what you hope to see on a website dedicated to this issue?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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I Entered A Twitter Contest And Won!


Someone, please alert the media. Suz entered a contest and actually won! And it wasn’t something I didn’t want or a “free vacation that I can unlock if I give my SS number.”

I’m ecstatic! Seriously, I never win anything!

I’ve got the Milani Cosmetics account on my Makeup and Beauty Twitter list. I happened to browse at the right time yesterday to see there was a contest. I followed and entered. Then, right before bed I see that I’ve won! What did I win? All that’s in the picture above; 4 Color Statements Lipsticks and 1 Color Statement Lipliner. And it’s funny because I had been watching a lot of YouTube reviews on those lippies and was wanting to try them. Now, I get the opportunity to do so for free!

This is some really good news as I spent the majority of my late night feeling sad because my dear cat Puddles is probably days away from passing away. A much-needed pick me up indeed!

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