Evolution Of My Reading Obsession

Veronica Roth signed my books!

Remember last year when I announced my New Year’s Resolution was going to be reading more? I justified buying my Nook Color, Lula Mae, by saying it’d help me read more. Well, 2011 was slow, as I read 4 books, but that’s 4 more than I read in the past 5+ years combined! Baby steps, right?

Then 2012 came along — specifically The Hunger Games — and now I can’t stop reading! Since March, I’ve read 10 books! Yes, 10! And all of them have been read on my Nook Color! Success!

Something about the Hunger Games trilogy just sucked me in, completely. I was literally obsessed with all things Hunger Games. Still am, to a point! But then the Hunger Games fans recommended another series to me Divergent (It’s only 2/3 completed/released as of this posting). So, I devoured Divergent, and its sequel Insurgent. Fell in love again. I even drove to Cincinnati and met the author at a book signing. I can’t believe I went a book signing! Me! 2011 Suz could never have envisioned that this would have happened, but it has!

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Equal Opportunity: Convert Video From Your Mac Computer!

I’ve previously blogged about converting web videos like YouTube into a format that will play on your mobile devices. That’s all well in good, if you own a PC, like I do. But what if you own an Apple computer?

Well, I also happen to have one of those in this house. A trusty iMac that does nothing but remain a reliable computing source for my technologically challenged parents. Sometimes, I go and play on that computer and I often have to find completely different app/program solutions for what are every day tasks on my PC.

So, if you want those same videos on your iDevice, and are uniform across the board with an Apple computer, I have a suggestion: video converter for Mac. Besides converting into your choice of format, you can also edit videos by adding text, compiling pictures into a custom video, split, and combine clips. Get creative!

What if you want to take video off one of your DVDs? Well, there’s a solution for you as well. You’ll need a dvd ripper for Mac. As someone who nerds out and creates animated gifs from my favorite movies & TV shows, having a handy dandy “ripper” is always a good thing!

And since a new iPad was just released, I don’t want to forget about those owners, as well as others who own a tablet-esque device (myself included). The iPad video converter can hook you up! The dimensions for tablets like iPads differ from your regular mobile devices, so sometimes you need a different program option for your video conversion needs. You wouldn’t want to watch a tiny video all stretched out on a large screen, would you? I think not! It would be all blurry and ruin everything.

So, those are some options for my Apple product friends! I have one question, though: If you own both a PC and Mac, do you find it difficult to find programs to do the same tasks on both devices? Let me know!

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Next Up On My iPhone Case Wishlist…

I made a video, earlier this year, about my new cassette tape iPhone4 case, which may or may not have been the highlight of my spring/summer. It’s been on my iPhone4 ever since it came in the mail. For less than $2 shipped, it may have been the best purchase I’ve made in a long time!

Anyway, I was browsing my Tumblr dashboard and saw my next to case targets: old school Nintendo cases! In particular, the original NES controller case and a Game Boy case. FREAKING COOL!

When I first saw them, I was leaning towards the NES controller case, but after seeing the detail of the Game Boy case, I feel like I might want that one instead! Also, it appears to be Limited Edition!

All, I know is I will be getting one of these suckas! Maybe even both, eventually! My cassette tape case is such a conversation starter. I cannot tell you how many random people I’ve ended up talking to about my case. People love it! Want to know how much it was and where they can get one! I have a feeling it would be the same with a throwback Nintendo case!

I’ve got some eBay Bucks to spend, I think I’ll find myself a nice case over there! Off I go!

What do y’all think? Do you like having fun & unique cases on your phones?

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All This Fuss For Google Plus

Hey, I sorta rhymed that.

Anyway, the buzz going around the web these days centers around Google+, which I just described to someone as Google’s version of Facebook. Yes, I’m sure it’s much more than that, but for people who really don’t get it (that includes me!) that’s a good way to sum it up without getting too incredibly nerdy.

For me, my early experience with Google+ has been that of slight confusion. I honestly feel the same way I felt when I signed up for Tumblr last year. I was basically like “so, now what?” That’s my mindset now as well!

I think the biggest thing Google+ has going for it right now is that it’s “invite only”. Some disagree, but I feel like the exclusivity of the project is a big bonus. I didn’t really get what was going on, but dammit, I wanted an invite! That stuff works on me! So, I got one, and now I’m determined to figure out how to really use it.

So lately, I’ve been scouring the web for how-to’s and tips. I’ve already stumbled across several URL shorteners to give you a Vanity URL. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) So, that tells you that 3rd party developers are already on the ball. In my opinion, these companies need devs to get on board. Twitter would not be where it is without apps. So, when the devs come, you know you’ve got a pretty solid project; at least early on. And they’re doing this all without a public API released!

There is an official iPhone app awaiting App Store approval. I’m not holding my breath for that. Apple and Google don’t exactly get along, so it probably won’t be awesome. When the API is released, devs will make impressive mobile and desktop clients (hopefully).

So, if you’re on Google+, what are your thoughts? Think it’s going to stick? Or is it just hype much like dearly departed, though much-hyped, Google Wave and fledgling Google Buzz. (Remember them?)

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Love the New Barnes & Noble “Read Forever” Ad

If you take a look around the internet, you’ll see 2 distinct camps, with regards to reading: a) The techies that are all about e-readers & think everyone else lives in the stone age and b) the traditionalists who look down upon e-reader crowd saying things like “I like to feel the page turns”.

It’s really unfortunate, and that’s why I absolutely adore the new Barnes & Noble Nook commercial, titled “Read Forever”!

If you prefer one reading medium over the other, that’s great! In my opinion, if one of them gets someone, who otherwise wouldn’t be reading, to read, then shouldn’t we all be celebrating that rather than engaging in a flame war?

I’m one of those e-reader people. I adore Lula Mae, my Nook Color, and I wouldn’t have read a single page from a book this year if it weren’t for her. Physically turning a page, or folding the corner over to bookmark, doesn’t mean a thing to me. I’m thankful for e-readers, because they got me to read!

I don’t look down upon those who prefer actual books. I’m just glad that when people talk about specific books or what I’m reading, I actually have an answer!

So, the B&N Nook ad provides a bit of a a Kumbaya moment, right? Even Kindle owners are co-signing in approval. And speaking of the Kindle, read on to see Amazon’s decidedly different ad approach to the battle.

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