Cleaning Up My Diet


Actually, that title is quite misleading. I’m not a “diet” person, and I’m also not really doing a lot of things that people often associate with dieting. But I am making changes to what I put in my body, and that’s what I’m going to outline today.

Remember my post talking about decreasing my intake of Mountain Dew? I had to endure a 3-4 day caffeine headache to accomplish that task, but I did it. I now also get my 8 glasses of water in per day, comfortably. That was the next step I wanted to take after getting down to one pop per day. And it’s soooo easy to get water in when the weather is warm. The body simply craves it.

After that step, I decided I need to squeeze more fruits and veggies into my day. I actually like veggies and LOVE fruit, so it’s not a matter of not wanting to eat it. It’s more a matter of making sure I have lots of it in the house and reminding myself to eat it. (I don’t eat a lot to begin with.)

So, the other day, I went to the grocery store and loaded up on fruits and veggies. Got a couple of platters too, so I can do “drive-by kitchen snacking” when need be. So far, so good!

I’m not changing anything else at this time. I’m a big fan of moderation, and always have been. If I want a cheeseburger, I’ma eat a cheeseburger. But no, I won’t eat 3 of them in one sitting, ya dig? But I will share with you that I didn’t drink a Mountain Dew today. I subbed a pineapple mango smoothie for it. This wasn’t anything I actually planned today, but hooray for baby steps!

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The Backup Power Business Is Booming!


I wrote about my desire to purchase portable backup power for my tech toys (mostly my iPhone) a few months ago. I made an impulse QVC buy and got a portable charger, which I later sent back. I liked the idea, but realized I could get a much better deal on Amazon.

After another month or so of shopping, comparing prices, and using SwagBucks to earn a ton of Amazon e-Gift cards, I finally made a decision and ended up with not one, but TWO portable power packs. I got a smaller capacity charger, from Intocircuit, which has found a permanent home in my purse. With 5000 mAh at my disposal, it should fully charge my iPhone about 2 times. Lord help me if I’m just out and about, around town, and I need more than 2 charges!

Then, for more heavy duty tasks, such as charging my Nook Color, or a friend/family member with a phone that needs some juice, I also bought an Anker 10,000 mAh pack. We had a lot of power outages last year, and I was always debating when I’d have to resort to driving somewhere, just so I could recharge my devices. So, that’s the biggest reason I got the big guy.

My Mom, Aunt, & I are planning another trip to the Western & Southern Open, in Cincinnati, in the next 2 weeks. We went back in 2009 and saw Roger Federer defeat Andy Murray in the semifinals. We want to see Venus and Serena before they retire, so we’re going to try and see them this time around.

I’m on the mailing list, for that tournament, ever since then. Reading the latest update on the 2013 edition of the tourney, I scrolled down to a section that immediately grabbed by attention!

Smartphone running out of juice?

The text that follows announces that if you visit a specific tent, on the grounds, you can rent a mobile phone charger for either $7 or $9 per day.

WOW! Have times changed or what?

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Stories In Futility: Switching Webhosts Every Year


Y’all. I’ve been running websites for well over 10 years. It’s kind of my “thing.” And I have a lot of them. Not as many as I used to, but still quite a handful. If I had to guess, I’d say I have about 15. Not all are active or regularly updated, but they are attached to hosting accounts.

As much as I have an addiction to create websites, I also am incredibly cheap. What would make sense to most webmasters, would be to get a big hosting account, with plenty of space and bandwidth, and host all their projects in one spot. But sensible just ain’t me! I pretty much move all my sites every year to a handful of webhosts, depending on the web hosting deals I find at places like SlickDeals.

For example, I just signed up for a year’s worth of hosting, from iPage, for $1. Yes. One dollar. Some of my smaller websites will live there, for the next year. It’s actually the second $1/yr account I’ve signed up for this summer. Hey, a deal’s a deal!

As I write this post, I am moving some of my sites from one webhost to another, because my 1 year, at one place, is up tomorrow. It’s not like I have a whole lot else going on, but most people would think I’m crazy. But it’s what I’ve been doing for the past few years, and it’s worked out really well. Keeps me sharp, as well. I won’t have to worry about forgetting how to backup accounts, update config files, export/import MySQL databases… you know, all that fun stuff!

So, if you hear about a webhost deal (that allows for hosting of multiple domains) and is less than $20/yr, hit me up. If I haven’t already heard of it, I’ll probably sign up. I stagger accounts, so I’m never without a few!

I’ve crunched the numbers. My method is sheer craziness, but it is cheaper than the all-in-one account option. It’s all about your priorities. I have the free time to move websites once a year, so I do it do save some money. I can use that money to feed some of my other addictions, and I have plenty!

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How Much Backup Power Do You Keep With You?


It’s no secret that I’m an iPhone addict. I am always on my phone doing something. Whether that’s checking Twitter or taking pics/video, it’s always something!

A late night channel surfing stop on QVC (I know, I know) had me purchasing the Halo Starlight charger late last month. The presentation was great, and buying backup power for my baby is super practical! Not to mention that, should I ever take the plunge and switch to Android, my Halo charger would charge that phone as well, as well as any iPod I may own in the future. (I’ve been thinking about possibly jumping to Galaxy S4 w/ an iPod touch on the side)

But I didn’t stop there. I snagged a deal from Eversave for an iPhone charger case. I had had a referral, so the full price of the retail $75 case ended up being about $9. Then I remembered that I had a really cheap backup charger from Digipower that the salesman from Radio Shack gave me free, when I upgraded to my current phone. It looks like this product.

So, right now, I’m in the middle of some heavy duty testing!

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How’d I Do On My 2012 New Year’s Resolution?

New Year's Resolution Fail

After having an extremely successful 2011 New Year’s Resolution, I decided to try it again in 2012. My results were not nearly as earth shattering, though!

Here’s what I was shooting for:

So, my Resolution is to get back into more “normal” hours, as I call them. Eventually I want to be waking up between 11 and noon. I know that’s still really late to most people (lol), but if I don’t have to be awake in the early AM hours, I’m not going to be!

My results? Welp, not much, y’all! In the past month, I’ve been going to bed earlier, but it’s not because I remembered there was a New Year’s Resolution to accomplish. I think I just started getting bored at night (no work related projects), so I just went to bed. What was a 4-4:30AM bedtime at the beginning of the year, has now turned into a 2:30AM bedtime. And the reason I was able to accomplish this was because WGN stopped showing South Park re-runs at 3:30AM. Those kids used to suck me in like none other! I know, very sad.

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My Facebook Page’s Vanity URL Is…

That I used “suzdawg” should surprise no one! I try to keep my usernames uniform across all social networks and tools. I’d been meaning to set a vanity URL for my page, for a while now, but crossing the 100 fans (THANK YOU!) threshold has really lit a fire under my arse!

So, it’s done! Update your bookmarks, if need be. And if you haven’t “Liked” me, now is the perfect opportunity! 😉

P.S. I give almost all my running podcast update via this Facebook page.

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