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Ole Henriksen PowerBright Means Business

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at Influenster, I got a VoxBox full of Ole Henriksen goodies to try out last week.

The main product was Ole’s 3-step PowerBright System. It is supposed to exfoliate, brighten, and add glow to your skin. Influenster also included the popular Sheer Transformation moisturizer, the Truth Serum collagen booster (which I’ve actually been wanting to try for about a year now), as well as a professional cleaning sponge.

Now the amount of product we Influenster/VoxBox users received was enough for one treatment, although I think I can get two treatments out of my sample.

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Tried Out Houlihan’s Inspiralized Menu Tonight

I got an Influenster VoxBox at the beginning of the month, inviting me to visit Houlihan’s and check out their new menu items, created by Ali Maffucci of Inspiralized.com. The 3 special items are a substitute spiralized veggies in place of noodles and are lower in carbs & sugar.

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Guest Post: Florida Retirement Communities

Florida retirement communities are a great place to hang your hat.

Just go ahead and type “Florida Retirement Communities” into your favorite search engine and let me know how many results you get. Go ahead, I’ll wait here. Dude, there has got to be more retirement communities in just South Florida than all the other damned states combined. So when my grandparents told my parents to help them find a retirement community in South Florida what do you think my parents said? My parents of course told them no problem. Then they promptly picked up the phone and said, “Jessica, you need to help us find your grand parents an awesome but reasonable retirement community in South Florida”.

Now when I reluctantly agreed to this seemingly easy task, I thought it would take me a half hour max of surfing the web to find them a few awesome options that they could visit with my grandparents. Then I would be off the hook, right? Wrong. Again, see above, There are thousands of options. So I reluctantly had to become a pro at spotting the trash from the awesome. I knew what activities look for, golf or no golf, what clubhouses rocked. I even got good at picking out the best layouts for the possible model homes that they were considering.

Yeah, so after about three days of visiting websites, some of which looked older than the residents at the community, I found some great options. Then came the reading of the reviews and deciphering whether or not the review was actually written by someone that lived there. Then came the phone calls. And every single person that picked up the phone said I sound too young to be considering a retirement community. I know it was a joke, but seriously do you guys all get jokes from the same book? Anyways, I found an amazing community for my grandparents and they are super pumped about moving in. Mission accomplished.

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Guest Post: The Club at Boca Pointe

The Club at Boca Pointe was made for us Baby Boomers.
The Club at Boca Pointe, formerly known as Boca Pointe Country Club for those that have been in the Boca Raton area for some time is an amazing little country club that has evolved into a club for the Baby Boomer generation. And the new programs and memberships offer many options depending on how much or how little you want to be involved in the club. This is definitely a great idea on The Club at Boca Pointe’s part. This way members that would otherwise not be involved in membership at a club at all, simply due to the fact that they can’t visit as much, still have an option and desire to be members.

The Club at Boca Pointe’s rebranding and programs were developed to specifically attract our currently retiring generation. And we’re definitely a younger and more active generation that craves a more active lifestyle. They have done a good job at creating activities and classes with an emphasis on wellness and prevention of chronic ailments that plagued the generation previous to ours. Instead of treating a chronic problem, The Club at Boca Point has programs that promote lifelong learning about never getting those unhealthy ailments to begin with.

Back in 2009, Boca Pointe Country Club changed its name to The Club at Boca Pointe to reflect a change in these potential younger members who did not want to belong to a traditional country club or be strapped to an expensive membership that they would not be able to utilize as much as other more active members within the club’s community. This hybrid-style non-traditional model has done wonders to attract new younger members. The country club located within the gated Boca Pointe community down in beautiful sunny Boca Raton, Florida. As you may have guessed, the club has a great 18-hole Jack Nicklaus-designed championship golf course. For my wife, 29 tennis courts and for the both of us, three restaurants, two lounges, men’s and ladies’ card rooms, a fully equipped 40,000-square-foot athletics center, a day spa and two Olympic-size pools. Whew, it’s all here and the best part is there are memberships for everyone at all levels of commitment.

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Another Way To See a “Measurable Difference” In Your Lashes


You know you’ve thought it. You look at a man’s face, in passing, and marvel at how long and luscious his eyelashes are and think, “WHYYYYYYYY?!?!” Why do men need perfect lashes when we have to jump through hoops to get their effortless look? It’s an injustice, I tell ya!

Now, there has been some advances in technology and beauty products to help us with our underachieving lashes. Of course there’s mascara, but now you can also grow your lashes!
Mascara tube
Let me tell you about a company named MD (Measurable Difference) that specializes in lash growth serum, lash amplifying mascara, and other natural beauty products.

MD offers a wide variety of eye, skin, and body products that are not only high quality, but also backed by legitimate clinical trials. But thinking of eye lashes, extensive tests show that their products condition your lashes and aid in not only growth, but also density. You know, all those things we want from our lashes!

And what’s great is that you’re not the only one to benefit from MD products. A portion of every mascara sale goes towards the Women’s Refugee Commission. So you’ll look good and feel good at the same time. You really can’t beat that.

I’ve seen MD products in my local Meijer store, and I always think, “hmmmm, I’m going to try that some day.” I really should get on that!

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Hello, Summer!

Ok, so maybe it’s not really summer yet, but this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, which is widely known as the unofficial beginning of summer. And since temperatures have finally crept up to a place where we don’t need winter coats, and we’ve been toying with turning on the AC, I think that qualifies as “summer,” as well.

When I think of summer, I think of so many pleasant activities. Sitting on the porch with my cat(s), enjoying the weather. Getting back into my outdoor running routine, long days, and inching closer to football season. (Yes, I know I’m hopeless)

But I also think of Father’s Day, which is right around the corner. We tend to stick in the realm of golf, grilling, & clothing for Father’s Day gifts. My Dad, like my Mom, is a simple man, who doesn’t especially care for being pampered and fussed over. He grew up with very little, so he’s kept that mindset.

It’s been a rough 2013 for my Dad, so far, with 2 extended hospital stays. But when summer rolls around, he usually starts hitting the golf courses. Heck, our neighborhood borders 2 golf courses, so if he doesn’t want to stray far from home, he doesn’t have to. Last year, for Father’s Day, we got him a gift certificate that covered all the local courses.

He still isn’t strong enough to hit the links, but I’m constantly thinking about the time when he can get back after it. What I’d actually love to do is spring for my Dad to take a trip, out of state, and go on a sort of golf-a-palooza. I always hear about the great courses down south, so I’d look there first. And since our family owns a house just outside Charlotte, I started looking at North Carolina golf communities.

We’re not in the market to make a permanent move, but I stumbled across the Cullasaja Club, which looks absolutely breathtaking. No, really! Hidden back of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Highlands, NC, there’s a lot more than just golf to occupy a member. You can boat, swim, play tennis, and take advantage of a myriad of fitness programs. Jackpot! And don’t even get me started about the food! I’d have to be active in order to work off all the calories I’d consume!

I would definitely put a house in a community like this, on my “Lottery List.” I’m always so envious of people with summer and other seasonal homes. I would love to have one for the entire family to use. Ahhh, let me get back to buying lotto tickets!

But back to reality, I’ll keep enjoying this late start to summer. I went running (again) tonight, and will be seeing a new “summer blockbuster” tomorrow at the movies. Let the games begin!

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