The Puddles Chronicles

The Puddles Chronicles: Early Season’s Grazings

It was an unseasonably warm 72 degrees yesterday, so I took Puddles outside for the first time this year. It took her a few minutes to realize that it was “safe” to leave the porch, but when she did, she enjoyed a nice pallett of grass.

I can’t wait until I can sit outside everyday and enjoy the weather. Unfortunately, that won’t be until next month. This was just a freak warm-up that isn’t going to last.

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The Puddles Chronicles: Trouble Brewing!

I absolutely love my dear cat, Puddles. I doubt that’ll ever change. However, there are things she does that I frown upon.

She committed one of those no-no’s just now: deciding to camp out on the kitchen table! Some people allow their cats to roam tables and counter tops in their homes. Not me!

So, before I shooed her off the dinner table, I took this picture:

She’s just too much!

P.S. I’d like everyone to notice the amazing filter I applied to this picture, courtesy of CameraBag. I freakin’ love that app! So far, I seem to be using Helga and LoLo the most. The above shot of Puddles was a Helga production. Nice, huh?

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The Puddles Chronicles: Dishwashing Fun

I’ve come to the conclusion that my dear cat Puddles is going to featured prominently on here, thanks to my newly jailbroken iPhone and the Cycorder app (review). Last night, while I was learning how to make my own SMS themes, I caught Puddles doing something pretty out of character for her.

She’s 10 years old and does not eat people food. AT. ALL. She’ll usually sniff around then walk away. So imagine my surprise, last night, when she jumped up on my bed, stuck her head in my bowl of Knorr pasts, and licked it clean. (Yes, I had finished eating).

With my trusty iPhone — which I need to name — nearby, I couldn’t resist capping a video. Check it out below:

My favorite part of the video is her looking right into the camera at the end! Oh, Puddles!

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Look What I Did Yesterday!

You all remember my cat, Puddles, right? Well, here she is, having an afternoon snack yesterday:

And guess how I recorded that video? WITH MY IPHONE!

I can’t beileve I waited so long to jailbreak! The video is a little fuzzy because I didn’t realize I have to hold my phone sideways when I capture. So, I had to rotate it and that distorted the picture quite a bit. But still cute!

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My Very Own LOLcat!

Last night, one of my cats, Puddles, (yes that is her name) finally decided to be that lap cat I’ve always hoped she’d be!! I’m happy, even if her act was only for last night.

She was watching the mouse on my monitor. She pretty much prevented me from getting anything done, but her cuteness totally made up for it!

This is soooo going to be my next Facebook profile pic!

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