If you’re a regular visitor to the site, you know that I have a “Tip Jar” Amazon Payments Paypal link on the sidebar (look to your right). Since I’ve put it up, some of you have given rather generously and I really appreciate it!

I’m using this page to say “thank you!” to those of you have made a contribution, no matter how small. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate everyone who visits (I DO!), but with the economy being what it is, that anyone gives of their hard earned money, means a lot. Just wanted an additional way to say thank you!


Kimberly H.
Linda K.
Margaretmary S.
Candy I.
Paul W.
Dignorah G.
Michele D.
Sarah B.
Carolyn I.
Elizabeth B.
Gillian W.
Belindia H.
Christine H.
Lisa M.
Elizabeth J.
Jennifer A.
Mary W.
Bola J.
Lillian H.
Nancy K.
Jill H.
Caroline I.
Armele P.

Note: If I’ve left anyone off, my apologies. I scoured my old PayPal account trying to find everyone!